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Transforming the future for this generation and the next.


Innovative Thinking

Build a legacy of innovation for this 50 years and the next

It is the dawn of a new technological era. We strive to support organizations destined to shatter aging stereotypes, pioneer technologies that bring vibrancy to life after fifty, and risk the comfort of status quo to transform our world for generations to come.

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Progress, Together

Investing in transformative ingenuity that improves aging as we know it

Never before has an organization been so eager to fund innovative and forward-thinking organizations. With the ability to take leaps into furthering technologies, NextFifty Initiative seeks to partner with, and fund, other innovators insistent on changing the concept and quality of aging as we know it.

From transporting those who no longer drive via autonomous cars to developing urban planning designed for all generations and from developing preventative and curative medical care to revolutionizing multi-generational farming, we are your partner for breaking aging stereotypes, improving quality of life, and leaving our mark on history.

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Do you have the ideas to reach beyond the next big thing, the ideas that change the paradigm?

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