10 weeks of change. A lifetime of healthy habits for kids.

We are unique—and so is your family! Healthy Kids is a program built around you and your child. We are an online child wellness and pediatric weight management program designed to promote a lifetime of healthy weight, eating, and activity habits. But we are so much more!

Healthy Kids program features

  • Comprehensive resource

    Comprehensive resource

    Addresses everything parents need to raise a healthy kid, from nutrition and fitness to family dynamics and emotional well-being

  • Intuitive healthy eating plan

    Intuitive healthy eating plan

    Our Fill Up with Premium Healthy Eating Plan encourages healthy food choices by simplifying nutritional decision making

  • Kid-friendly games and activities

    Kid-friendly games and activities

    Kids are active participants in our online Healthy Me Grand Prix Challenge and other fun games and activities designed for change

  • Personalized support

    Personalized support

    Step-by-step guides, weekly calendars and checklists, live webinars with Dr. Gardner and email support make goals easier and attainable


Developed by a board certified pediatrician who is also a
mom, Healthy Kids is a fun and practical family-centered healthy lifestyle program benefiting the entire family regardless of age, weight, eating habits, or activity level!

Whether your child is overweight, obese or at risk, inactive, an under or overeater, a picky, poor, or limited eater, a white foodie—or anything in between—our family-centered program can help.

We make it easy. You make it happen.