In the Sailendra dynasty, which arose in the eighth century in central Java, Mahayana Buddhism blossomed, and Buddhist temples like Borobudur were built.

He showed great reverence towards the pictures of the god.

Many of the guests overstayed their welcome.

What does that do?

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Where is the Internal Medicine Department?


His sister looks young.


Where can I find a hospital?

I believe you do care.

It is one of the most serious problems facing this country.

Thirteen were killed.

The genie was trapped in the magic lamp.

I missed the school bus!

I wish I could prove it.

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Don't be sad because it's over. Be happy because it happened.


Is that a picture of Irving on your desk?

Are you the one that asked me to be here?

The one thing that Aaron hates the most is not being taken seriously.


George Bush is the forty-first president of the United States of America.

Po's friends all laughed at Tolerant.

It was raining, and Joe's long hair was completely wet by the time he got home.

I didn't even see it.

They teach us to speak.


Jesus is very cool.

I have a friend who lives in Tokyo.

When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to catch up.

I speak English, Russian and Globish.

The question is how to say no without making them angry.


This man is very, very old.

France had signed a secret treaty with Spain.

"Was there a dead body in the room?" "No, there was no body there."

This teacher is in charge of the third year class.

If it is, we will send you back a list of sentences to record.


Let's start in plenty of time. I don't like to take risks.

Djibouti is a less developed country.

Matthieu said that he'd always love Calvin.

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She is good at playing the guitar.

I was tempted to go swimming even though the lifeguard was not yet on duty.

He watched the drama holding his breath.


He likes singing.


He is not wearing a hat.


Were there any other survivors?

If you have the time you are welcome to make use of and contribute to the Tatoeba project.

This word is both a noun and a verb.

No one will ever forget this.

Can we talk in my office for a minute?


Never too much of anything.


I can do it, no problem.


Gabriel just texted me.

I'm reluctant to leave.

I can't endure that noise a moment longer.

I'm not German.

I'll try to arrive early.

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With his mother out of the way, Duke was able to proceed with his plan to embezzle the money from the company.

They think that Antonio must have killed Ranjit and then killed himself.

Listen, I have good news.

Doug disguised himself as a policeman.

She thought for a few minutes.

All I can ask is that you do your best.

It looks like you took care of the problem.


I don't want you to tell them.

That all happened in just three days.

He did his best to drink.


The eruption seems to be waning.

Jock is angry with me.

I was late for the meeting with the result that I missed the most important part.

You've only got thirty seconds to explain yourself.

Phil has tonsillitis.

He worked hard in order to succeed.

It disappointed her.


Many accidents resulted from the icy road conditions.

Isidore doesn't need to apologize. He did nothing wrong.

Carl showed me the gold medal.


If you shave your hair, it will grow back thicker.

May I help myself?

Why do you have my phone?

If I don't wash my hair for a day, it becomes slick with oil and flat.

Win is an acupuncturist.

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My elder brother is really tall, about 1.8m.

I was at a musical recently, in the third row. Seeing the actor I love up close like that made me feel more smitten with him than ever.

I don't remember anything else at this time.


Kelvin is getting upset.

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Why are you all dressed up?


Can you tell me which bus or train I can take to get to the town centre?

If she goes to the theater, I'll stay at home.

Life is one big party.

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I opened the door for Cecilia.


What would you know?

You are dismissed.

I put in an appearance.

We couldn't stay together.

She acknowledged his help in her book.

He didn't answer the phone, so I left him an email.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World are the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Temple of Artemis, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the Colossus of Rhodes, and the Lighthouse of Alexandria.


If I'd stayed any longer, I would've gotten bored.

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In one word, he made a lot of money.

I am getting good vibes from this place.

Neko mimi characters are cute!

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I'm not interested in your problems.

I remember the day Earnie broke his leg.

People were moving faster and faster.

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He peels her apple.

We hope this will be to your satisfaction.

I missed you!

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The meeting is taking place on Friday.


Jussi is also a friend of mine.


I had something planned.


Robert is the only one here who can play the guitar.


Let me just give you this and then leave.


I wanted to be with Celia all the time.

She is going into the second year of pre-school.

Moses is afraid of heights.


She runs.


Niels never uses paper towels.

The registration deadline is October 20th.

I won't forget you, Shari.


I always think of him when I'm alone.

Venkata is away on a business trip.

My father retired to make way for younger people.


She turned against her old friend.

Miss Sua, she's been doing yoga recently and really lost a lot of weight!

Jackye is healthy and fit.

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I'll go home and get it.


Amigo doesn't drink wine.

I listened to the top 10 songs of the eighties.

She asked me to help her with the work.


I wish I could be there with you.

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Trying is traveling by himself.

My physician advised me to refrain from alcohol for the time being.

I've rarely seen her so quiet.

Americans are worried that illegal migrants are threatening the nation's culture and economy.

Michelle needs somebody to help him.


Raif fell and hurt his knee.


That's not what I was doing.


Are you afraid of them?

Wake up, dummy in a garbage dump!

Such questioning is routine police business.

I've got what you want.

Get down from your horse.

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Do me a favour and shut up!

You know that's not true.

I have nothing to do with the scandal.

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Her cousin lives in the U.S.

Let's go find him.

Do you see this?


I don't want another one.

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These came for you.

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Tor plays the violin well.