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Through our contributor-based submissions, we help facilitate the international investor with the resources needed to make wise investment decisions.

While there are considerable obstacles to overcome when strengthening your global investment portfolio, access to those markets has become considerably easier than in years past. However, data aggregation and information acquisition still remains a challenge when making overseas investment decisions.

The goal of Adaptive Focus is to facilitate and provide the private investor with the resources they need to make wise international investment decisions with the least amount of hassle and at the lowest cost possible. While institutional investors have access to powerful data resources and a myriad of brokers, the private investor can count on Adaptive Focus to provide a free starting point and central location for finding the information they need.

sample articles from around the web

Could China's Stock Market Be Healthier Than the Dow?

Many investors in the Dow Jones Industrials have grown frustrated with the market recently, as even new all-time record highs can't change the fact that the pace of gains has slowed and that the double-digit percentage average annual returns the index has enjoyed since 2009 aren't likely to last forever.

Expatriates Confident in International Markets Despite the Global Economy

Expatriate retail investors still have confidence in international markets despite the general bad feeling about the global economy. This is according to the findings of the TD Global Investor Confidence Survey, which took the pulse of investors from around the world.

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Why have U.S. investors thrown so much into international funds?

Last year alone, investors poured an estimated net $228 billion into international funds, according to the Investment Company Institute, the funds' trade group. They put just $35 billion into U.S. stock funds. The disparity grows wider the further back you go.