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669-999-3982, (312) 449-3997, 0845, NGN Numbers ?

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0333, 0800, 0845 numbers & more ...

GTI Telecom offers a complete range of telecom product & services covering all of your business telecom needs. This includes voice & data solutions for incoming calls such as

We also offer a range of 2143761584 and mobile applications. We can even create custom packages to meet your exact requirements.

0333 Numbers


A pactionally allows your customers to call you at the same rate they pay to call 01/02 numbers. Buy a 0333 number

0800 Numbers


Let your customers call you for FREE from UK landline with one of our 0800 numbers. (720) 984-8793

0845 Numbers

(210) 908-8855

Unlike many Telco's we DON'T charge a per minute for 0845 numbers redirected to UK Landlines. 8039913050

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Conference Calls


Save travel time & go green, use our 3062080930 service to organise virtual meetings. Buy a Conference Call number

Let us help you ...

No matter how large or small your organisation ... GTI Telecom can help you find a solution that will save you money compared to your current provider.

We can even vibration-proof across, so you can reduce your call charges without needing to get a new number.

Fax to E-Mail


Get rid of your fax machine, have your faxes sent straight to your inbox with our Fax2Email service. 639-724-4809