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Interview with Gennaro Esposito

by Genese Davis

3D artist, Gennaro Esposito, is a Senior Hard Surface Modeler for MPC London whose recent work includes Disney’s, The Lion King and SONIC.
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Houdini Randomization and Scattering

with Robby Branham

In this title, Senior Visual Effects Artist Robby Branham provides a broad overview of randomization and scattering in Side FX’s Houdini 17. Houdini has several ways to generate randomization and Robby discusses the basics of HScript and VEX script through the Point SOP node and parameter expressions.
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Interview with Vitaly Bulgarov

by Genese Davis

Concept Designer, Vitaly Bulgarov is a sought-after 3D artist, whose extensive client-base includes Dreamworks, Blizzard Entertainment, LucasFilm’s Industrial Light&Magic, Paramount Pictures, MGM, Skydance Productions, Boston Dynamics and more.
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Mech Design for the Entertainment Industry

with Furio Tedeschi

In this mech design workshop, Concept Artist Furio Tedeschi covers his workflow and techniques for creating concepts for film and games.
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Sci-Fi Fantasy Design and Illustration

with Yohann Schepacz

Concept Artist and Art Director Yohann Schepacz demonstrates his process to create a compelling and highly rendered illustration of a feline creature using photo manipulation and painting techniques in Photoshop.
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Designing for Production in ZBrush

with Rafael Grassetti

Art Director Rafael Grassetti demonstrates his entire process of designing and creating a character in ZBrush. He explores the different tools and techniques used to sketch concepts while keeping the mindset of later creating a character for production.
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Interview with Rob Nederhorst

by Genese Davis

Visual Effects Supervisor and compositor, Rob Nederhorst, possesses unique talent and has produced critically acclaimed work on titles such as Thor, Captain American, Iron Man 2, The Day after Tomorrow, Daredevil, and Star Trek: Nemesis.
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Introduction to Houdini 17

with Robby Branham

In this title, Senior Visual Effects Artist Robby Branham provides a thorough introduction to Side FX’s Houdini 17. It’s an exciting time when you first start working inside of a procedural 3D environment.
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Designing a Modular Environment using Unreal

with Brian Recktenwald

Environment Artist Brian Recktenwald guides you through his workflow for creating a subway environment with some supernatural elements. In breaking down the scene, Brian takes you through his entire creation process of reference gathering, modeling modular blockouts & assets in 3ds Max...
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Complete Lighting in Unreal Engine

with Charleston Silverman

Using a pirate ship cabin created for this tutorial, this environment utilizes features and techniques such as modulated and static mesh emissive lighting to bounce and volumetric lighting. Some of the topics covered include: general lighting dos and don'ts, standard light actors: points, spot, and directional, dynamic lighting techniques, light functions, IES profiles and post processing.
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Creating an Illustration from A to Z

with Pascal Blanché

In this workshop, Senior Art Director and Illustrator Pascal Blanché guides you through his entire process of creating an illustration in his signature style. Pascal starts the creative process by gathering reference images and inspiration through sci-fi and fantasy. Using 3ds Max, he begins by posing a base character model followed by a kit bashing session to block-out the overall design.
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Creating 360° Concept Art for Production

with Nick Hiatt

In this workshop, Matte Painter, Concept Artist and Art Director Nick Hiatt shares his process for creating 360 Concept Art for Production. Using 2D techniques in Photoshop and After Effects, as well as 3D tools such as Maya, ZBrush, Daz3D and V-Ray, Nick demonstrates how to combine both 2D and 3D approaches together seamlessly to create stunning 360 images.
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2D Fantasy Illustration

with Jana Schirmer

In this workshop, Jana Schirmer shares her complete process of painting a Fantasy Illustration from start to finish in Adobe Photoshop using a workflow that she uses for almost all of her professional and personal work.
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BFA Degree in Digital Production

Gnomon’s New Four-Year Degree Program

The full-time BFA in Digital Production is designed to produce production-ready artists versed in general academic knowledge, foundational arts, and production skills. The curriculum is taught in Hollywood and covers all aspects of a 3D generalist skill set.
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Study at Gnomon in Hollywood

Gnomon – School of Visual Effects, Games + Animation

Gnomon helps students reach their goals in digital production through a variety of educational options, including a full-time BFA degree, full-time vocational programs, and over 100 individual courses – all taught at the heart of the entertainment industry
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    February 11th 2019
      Thursday, February 21st, 2019, 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm What goes into creating characters and creature...
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    January 28th 2019
      Ever aspire to create art for video games? Then join us on Thursday, February 7th, for an evening...
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    January 25th 2019
      What goes in to creating the art for a AAA console game? How does that change when said AAA game f...
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  • Gnomon has created a series of tutorials that will appeal to anyone interested in a career path in visual arts. The availability of these lessons represents a significant opportunity for artists everywhere to elevate their skillsets to the next level.

    Jim McCampbellDepartment Head, Computer Animation Ringling School of Art & Design
  • Gnomon tutorials are a staple in our libraries at Disney Feature Animation. Artist training is very important at Disney, and has been since the days of Walt. We rely on the tutorials to supplement our classes and to provide a more personalized schedule for the production artist seeking to broaden their skill sets.

    Patricia BeckmannManager of Artistic & Professional Dev, Disney Feature Animation
  • I'd like thank you guys for all the hard work you've done over the years. I didn't have money for college so I spent what money I could come up with on your video series. Because of your excellent training tutorials, I was able to create a reel that got me a job where I am today and I am eternally thankful.

    Matt SkonickiCinematics Character Artist, Midway Games
  • Their professors – and founders – are people who truly inspire. They don't just teach the 'how to' – they give you context, understanding and expectations of 'how to on the job'. Theirs is a practical approach to actually working in film, video and gaming. It's that amazing ideal, where art and making a living peacefully co-exist. You can certainly become a successful working artist without Gnomon, but with their pedigree, placement stats, culture and track record, why take that chance?

    JJ AbramsCEO, Bad Robot Productions, Director Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Trek, Super 8

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