I'm friends with her sister.

He has charm.

That movie was really boring.

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He grew up in a little village.

Niels has been missing almost three weeks.

I lost a ten-dollar note.

How old do you think Dale is?

I made a doll for Ann.

Give me those.

Our daughter has red hair while both of us have blonde hair.

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Wayne has been taken to the ER.

Brender went to the liquor store to buy a bottle of rum.

Bertrand is pig-headed.


We called on him for a speech.


He lives in Cardiff.

It looks like Sorrel's been a busy man.

The boy thrust the coin into his pocket.


Rhonda got out of his car.

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Johan was caught stealing.

She tends to forget her promises.

You will be in time for the train if you start at once.

Devon likes Boston better than any other place he's lived.

Feeling the house shake, I ran out into the street.

Sonny walked out of the restaurant just in time to see his car being towed away.

David Hilbert is a German mathematician.

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What Bill ate gave him an upset stomach.

The world's educational standards disappoint me.

Who sells this?

Would you tell Sekar that Rodent called?

We paid them back everything we owed them.

I've tried swimming in the river.

Move the clothes from the washer to the dryer before they start to mildew.

When she kissed me, I felt she was honest with me.

I'm little worried about them.

As he unhesitatingly extended his arm towards me, he came to touch my private areas.

Thank you, anyway.

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You're not scared anymore, are you?


Agatha is a safe driver.


Kerri is my biological father.


You're the one who suggested we eat Chinese food, so don't complain.

We should leave something for our children.

Give me five!


I want the two of you to quit arguing.

It is likely to rain.

Both young and old people desire slim figures.

I want to stay and watch.

The weeks pass like dreams.


Every ship needs an anchor.

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Earnie could not stand his mother.

Oh, it's you. Come in.

I'd like him to take me home.

That one over there is Mercury.

Tony looked down at his dirty old shoes.


Do you want to leave with them?

What's the minimum salary in your country?

The priest who speaks French will be here next week.


The trip is longer than I expected.

It follows from this that the company is not responsible for the accident.

Today's meeting has been cancelled.


The German soccer team beat Brazil convincingly.

That's plausible.

I don't want him to work with us.


No one seems to know what this is used for.


He's always strutting around like a peacock.

Why do you want to hurt us?

We've got the key.

I'll help you, seeing that we're old friends.

He can borrow my moped for a few days.


Donnie has immunity.


We ought at least, for prudence, never to speak of ourselves, because that is a subject on which we may be sure that other people's views are never in accordance with our own.

I can't afford much because of the economy we are in.

You're untalented.

Dan told two law enforcement agencies two different accounts.

After, cook it on a low flame for 30 minutes and you're done.

That's exactly why I didn't tell you.

I like to chop wood.


In the long run your interest is better served by benefitting those below than those above.

Craig is getting angry.

That's our priority.


"What does Phoebus mean?" "It's a Latin word that means sun."

You're psyched.

Other life probably exists out there and perhaps in many places.

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No matter how tired you are, that work has to be finished today.


Donald doesn't like people who speak ill of others.


Do you really want to eat that?

The shop was quite empty.

I want to speak to you.

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This whole affair stinks to high heaven.

I know you're near.

So he didn't go to school.

Excuse me for a moment.

I sometimes translate lyrics for my wife.

Is English more difficult than Japanese?

Excuse me, do you mind if I sit here?

Do me a favor and talk to Rees.

Who spread those rumors?


I want to play tennis with you someday.


Is this sentence in the present perfect or simple past?

Attend to your business alone!

Tomorrow is Christmas.

If I'd known Jagath was in Boston, I'd have tried to visit him.

Susan's desk was so untidy that the cleaner refused to clean the room.


The second quarter GNP growth was higher than predicted.

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I just got out of jail.

Barrio closed his eyes and listened to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach.

Did Antony tell you what his plans are?

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Karen is poor and happy.

He is in a hurry to catch the eight o'clock train.

What do you think the best way to do it is?

I just gave it to them.

You agree with Darren, don't you?

We'll send Glynn a card.

I bought the car at a 10% discount.


We've got to wait for them to finish playing - there's still a while to go!


What were you doing there?


The boy touched the hot stove and burnt his hand.

I studied Italian in Florence, not in Perugia.

She testified to having seen the man.

South Africa is called "Suid-Afrika" in Afrikaans.

Barry heard everything Tanya said.

You must grip that dagger this way.

What a princess I'd feel like if I were able to go to Akasaka, have a wonderful meal and stay at a hotel.

These dirty socks stink.

My older brother, Leslie, was born here in Boston.


I'm not a boy anymore.

His slacks are all wrinkled.

We're not impressed.


A hero is often just a person who doesn't have the ability to recognise danger.


I wish we didn't have to do this any longer.

This book is easy to read, since it's written in simple English.

The mucus is thick.

Consult your doctor.

Gill took a sip of wine.


I don't know.


Ricky doesn't know whether Lenora is younger or older than he is.

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Is that something new?


I'm the one who got you into this.


You hate them, don't you?


Socorrito was bludgeoned into paying the money.

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The teacher contemplated me for a while.


Beth isn't at all selfish.


Practically every family has a TV.

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You know you don't have to do this, Marlena.

When will you have enough?

We need to convince Vern to come.

There is no future in this job.

Can I have a few minutes alone?

We can rely on his judgement.

When did you get my letter?

Maria was sitting on the floor playing his bongos.

It seems I will have to get rid of this worn out carpet.