Where did you deafen them?

His father is conservative and old-fashioned.

I suggest that you proceed very carefully.

I don't have a choice here.

We'll provide you with anything you want.

She tried to get a tent, but she couldn't find the one she wanted.

"What a fabulous creation can a woman be compared with?" "With a triple-headed snake. She speaks one thing, thinks another, and does the third".

I never lose.

I've nothing to do today.


Sally really needs a better nickname.

Rajiv can't answer.

What did he do during the holidays?

How I wish I could live my life again.

The main idea in his speech was unity.

An investigation has been launched.

You must be freezing.


I don't think Venkata wants to see me.

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I've been wearing this denim jacket for 15 years now.

I don't believe my eyes.

Konrad means well.

Nobody tried to help Darin.

Micheal is the only one here that can do this.

Four boys are making their way along the street.

Rudolph didn't want Markus to go to Boston.


Too much rest is rust.


Can I write it like that?

I'm sure he'll go.

He's stronger than you.

Do you agree with their decision?

This hotel was very near the lake.

Neville was one of the most confident and successful girls in her class.

Moses will believe anything.


Don't blow your own horn too much.

It was not until yesterday that I knew it.

Kristian crawled out of bed.

You must not smoke in this building.

I promise I'll bring it right back.


Do you think something went wrong?


Are you intending to go already?

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Merril is always acting foolishly.


I've never hit anyone in my life.

Stephen has gained a lot of weight recently.

We may be here several days.

He earns not less than 1,000 dollars a week.

The spokesman confirmed that the report was true.


I feel like someone is watching me.

He's too young to understand.

You probably already knew that.


If we hang around here any longer, there could be reinforcements coming from the second gate to take us in a pincer movement!

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It takes you an hour to go to the station on foot.

Some fine phrases occurred to the poet.

I know about everything that's going on.

Philippe wanted Srivatsan to get well.

Let's let Monica speak.

The balloon will burst.

My boat ran aground on a sandbar.

There is no reason to wear a suit to the beach.

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

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It seems to me that she knows everything.

I don't like the idea much.

The greatest charm of traveling lies in its new experiences.

They prayed that their daughters would forgive them.

You kids must be hungry.

I tried my best to help Thomas.

Everything was in confusion in the Oblonskys' house.

I don't take drugs.

We just had Holly's room painted last week.

We had unexpected visitors.

I know my room's a mess.

We used to take long car trips when I was a kid.

That's my signature.

She said she was here for an audition.

I gave Willie Neil's phone number.

I don't mind doing this at all.

He placed emphasis on the importance of education.

Charleen wants you to have it.

I have a bad feeling.

The jewel had been stolen during the night.

Who stole the apples?

Laurel felt a sharp pain in his chest.

I think Vladislav has your umbrella.

You should remember that.

How did you find this sweater?


You might want to steer clear of Nicholas.

Barrio directed me to the theater.

Can you elaborate a bit?


I hadn't been paying much attention to what the speaker was saying, but suddenly his words made me sit up and take notice.

Add lots of ice.

I'm only here to help them.

That rabbit's getting away with my radishes!

It really is a good price.

Could you hang up the laundry?

Johan can't leave just yet.

I was looking for you all my entire life but I didn't know that was you.

I wonder what's wrong with him.

They want you to resign.

Can't you find anything better to do?

I like her a lot, but not as a girlfriend.

I'm really glad Kerry asked us to come.

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He was so vigorous in making love that his companion for the evening went down for the count.

And like that it's correct?

The building has not been known to us at all.

If the first chapter is any indication, this book has the makings of a best seller.

Why are you getting so upset?

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This book is an historical novel.

I asked her to come over.

The early bird gets the worm.

Gerard did have fun.

Is it hot enough to go swimming?


What happened?


Pilot always listens to the news on the radio while he's eating breakfast.

He goes to sleep with the lights left on.

I was under arrest for killing Chuck.

He lived and died in obscurity.

That's a real person.

I have three times as many books as him.

What makes you think he's Patty Jackson?

No, I don't think Hamlet was actually mad. Whenever he is alone with Horatio, he's sane enough.

There is no point in having a fitting room without a mirror.

The bin is empty.

Please refrain from smoking in this room.

Real life begins after coffee.

I bought several guidebooks, none of which helped me.

It's not like we made up the rules.

Niall might be dead for all we know.

Why did ancient Egyptians love jewels so much?

Irving told me he wanted to buy a new battery for his car.

Each day our life becomes more comfortable and more automated.

All you have to do is to meet her.

He told me that he was busy then.

It was a nice race.

I know you're hiding somewhere in this room.

I narrowly escaped being run over by a car.


My mother is in the kitchen.

Can Edinburgh show us the way towards healthier cities?

I'm going for oranges to the fruit store.


Laurie drank the water.

I knew you wouldn't have enough time.

I know you're trying to help Jeffrey.

You're overemotional.

Randolph doesn't want to see you ever again.


Blake was named the head of the organization after the director retired.

Amy voted for Johan.

He has money.

I said I think I might be ready.

Let's go eat. I'm starving.

They want to hear you sing.

Patty's car is parked in the driveway.

Raphael was stretched out on the floor.

So that Apus will talk to me.

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Nobody backed up what I said.

I wonder where Cathryn is right now.

Mario said that he thought he smelled something burning.

I don't want Those to have a boyfriend yet.

I happen to be very good at what I do.


Butler became aware of a brand new world.

Every man is his own worst enemy.

We don't have insurance.

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You need to drink more water.


Why did you want to come back here?

All you have to do is press the button.

Gill speaks faster than I do.

Takeuchi might be a vegetarian.

Are you really going to do this?

You should not make fun of him.

Ric wasn't sure he wanted to do that.

They are threatening me.

Patrice and I meet again next week.

The radio is out of order.

"Why are you throwing books in the fire?" "Because I'm cold."


You don't need to do that right away.