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Below are some photos of F1 Savannah Kittens we have had in the past from our F1 breeding program.

F1 Savannah kittenF1 male savannah kitten - example of kittens we have had in the pastF1 male savannah kitten - example of kittens we have had in the pas

Buyer Alert: Read this link about the "Ashera" cat before considering purchasing what we think is most likely an unbelievably overpriced Savannah cat!!

Savannahs are one of the newest and most exciting cat breeds available today. There are only a few hundred Savannahs in the world at this time, making them very special and highly sought after companion pets.  With the exotic beauty inherited from their ancestor the African Serval, these affectionate, intelligent, very active and playful cats are guaranteed to steal your heart.

Somewhat "dog-like" in their behavior and devotion to their owners, they typically want to be the center of attention, are easily leash-trained using a "walking jacket" or harness, can be trained to play "fetch," love climbing up as high as possible, and may even enjoy bathing and swimming.  They adore feather wand toys and are very entertaining to watch with their acrobatics, leaping to amazing heights.  As with any other cat, when properly introduced, they will get along with other household pets, dogs included, and can be trusted with well-behaved children.

On average, Savannahs weigh between 12-20 lbs at maturity.  They are slender, tall, spotted cats with large "ocelli marked" ears and boomerang shaped eyes.  Colors currently accepted according to TICA’s (The International Cat Association’s)  Savannah breed standard include Brown Spotted Tabbies,  which may be "warm colored" (honey/golden) or "cool colored" (grayish brown or charcoal), Silver,  Black Smoke and solid Black.

Some special terminology is used when referring to Savannahs, as a measure of how many generations removed they are from their Serval ancestors.

F1= First Generation, has an African Serval Parent
F2= Second Generation, has an African Serval Grandparent
F3= Third Generation, has an African Serval Great-Grandparent
(and so on through subsequent lower generations)

Our kittens will be F2 generation and later,  as our servals are pets and will not be used in our Savannah breeding program.   Some of our servals are ambassadors for the Savannah breed, and assist us in educating the public about this amazing breed through attendance at Savannah-Rama events hosted nationwide.

While all generations of female Savannahs are fertile, males are not reliably fertile until the fifth generation (F5), so F1-F4 male kittens are generally placed as pets.  Although the F1-F4 males are generally sterile, we still strongly recommend neutering them, as it will prevent them from acquiring some unpleasant habits of whole males, like spraying outside the litter box, calling for females, and attempting to escape to find a girlfriend.  Neutering is a simple operation, and will ensure you a happier, better pet, who will be more oriented to home and family.

C and C Savannahs is pleased to offer fine kittens from Savannah-to-Savannah breedings for show, as breeders or as wonderful companion pets.  We breed within TICA guidelines, with an eye to the TICA Savannah breed standard.  All of our cats are TICA-registered. We select our kings and queens very carefully, and choose parents that will produce gorgeous and typey kittens, and most importantly, kittens that are healthy, temperamentally sound and extremely well socialized.   Please note that we use absolutely NO Bengals in our Savannah breeding program.

We have many years of experience in breeding and showing purebred cats.   We feel very strongly about advancing the Savannah breed within TICA, and look forward to the day when Savannahs achieve Championship status.  Our goal is to retain the “Serval look” into the later generations through exclusive Savannah-to-Savannah breedings. 

 Kittens are given daily loving care and attention, and come with our health guarantee, having been wormed and with their first set of vaccinations.  Be sure to 847-623-8999 and prepare to have your heart stolen by one (or more) of these beauties! 

Milo - F3 Savannah produced by C and C SavannahsMilo - F3 male savannah produced by C and C Savannahs 


Here are some photos of Milo, an example of a handsome large male F3 Savannah produced here at C and C Savannahs.  He is just over 31 inches from his nose to his tailbone!



Milo - F3 Savannah produced by C and C Savannahs

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