My Bulge faggot

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Request "More cock bulge and more black shiny spandex!!! 🙂 I want you to whisper about the bulge in spandex. Ask me if I look too long at the gym, at the ballet, tell me that you know I taste my own cum now because of your perfect spandex cock. Call me a faggot while you make me taste my cum and pretend its on your bulge. Tell me that as long as I am in the closet, this is what I will dream about!! Lots of gay in there please!"

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Do you have a Pin Dick

Well, I am here today to explain to you just exactly what a pin dick is, if you fit in that category and if you life will just consist of you being a virgin left with the only company of your right hand for enjoyment. So lets get this straight right now.


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Tay’s Ultimate Seduction


Custom clip. Last time I promised Tay a blowjob, I left him high and dry, with blue balls! I’m surprised he’s willing to try again. This time, however, I won’t lie about the outcome, no. I’m very honest… this BJ will be his last! The sheer hotness of it will cause his heart to give out. I will literally suck the life out him but, not before he signs everything he owns, everything he’s worth, and his hefty life insurance policy over to me! Would you d1e for the chance to get a blowjob from these luscious puffy lips? Would you give up your life just to feel my warm, wet mouth wrapped around you? Tay would! And he will! Hahaha.



You Can’t Handle Me

Your social skills are seriously pathetic & you couldn’t be any more terrible with women. What makes you think you’d do any better with a perfect Goddess like Me? What makes you think you could EVER hold it together meeting Me in person?! Get it through your thick skull, loser: YOU CAN’T HANDLE ME!!! Do you know how many perverts I have trying desperately to get My attention every day? You are nothing special, and I am soooo far out of your league! Get over it. The most you can ever hope for is to serve Me in any way I allow it and do your best to please Me. This is the closest you will ever come to experiencing perfection!!!

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you were up for a big promotion at work and today is the day that you found out whether or not you got it. you have arrived home and I am asking you about about it. you let Me know that you did not get it. I get angry at you. I was really banking on this to get us out of this subdivision and on to better things. I become more angry as I let you know how I feel. you think that you’ll have to deal with blue balls for a while for this, but I think you deserve ‘black and blue’ balls. I start by virtually kneeing you in the nads. I follow with some kicks to the balls as well as some to the face. I make you continue to stand and take more ballbusting punishment while I continue to bitch at you for your lack of success. I even throw a few punches to your face as I inform you that I am leaving you.

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Rejected footstool

Agonizing minutes wearing American Apparel white thigh high socks, a skimpy tank and blue underwear. I tease the hell out of you while you annoy me begging me to be my footstool after I order you to assume position on my bedroom floor. As I tease with my long legs and feet which you can imagine by the shape of my toes and sole from the thick fabric, I let you worship them and make fun of you.1280×720 with audio.

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I’m a bitchy punky schoolgirl in beat up red steel toe Doc Martens, a short kilt and fishnets. I dominate you with my bad ass bitch boots and force you to worship them all over with your tongue. As a reward I let you fuck the hard leather of my boots as I abuse you verbally and dominate you. After you cum on my boots I permit you to condition them with your tongue by pushing the sperm all around and then licking up the excess. Grab an old pair of work boots and play along with this one if you can!

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Beat Your Cock and Beat Off For Me mpg

You can’t resist beating off, can you? You know you want to when I’m in my black bikini top, spandex pants and high heeled pumps. But I have a different kind of beating in mind. Be resourceful and get a few things for me before we play: a wooden spoon , a cord with a plug and a cheese grater. Be clever if you can’t find any item and find something similar. I tease your cock as I encourage you to hurt your shaft, cockhead and balls for me, pushing you to the edge of tolerance but never leaving pleasure far behind. I give you a sexy countdown at the end as you stroke your sore dick.


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