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They're tough kids.

You're such a couch potato.

Do you want me to make you dinner?


I do not play the piano.

We haven't had any problems yet.

Stop yawning and stretching.

I had a drink with Dean the other day.

And I would not be standing here this evening without the unyielding support of my best friend for the past 16 years, the cornerstone of our family, the love of my life, the First Lady of the nation, Michelle Obama.

When she was young, she would never eat anything fattening.

Students are hurrying to school.

The boy got sick from anxiety.

"He looks like your father." "What?"

Masha dreams of starting a revolution, but is too shy.

Carolyn has just been given an invitation.

Darin doesn't know how to take a hint.

Green water is not good to drink.

I think Felix is very cool.

I got an A on my book report.


We have people who do that for us.

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I had trouble pronouncing his name.

Let's go to the zoo to watch them feed the seals.

Ofer doesn't mince words.

A tiger appears near here.

If you touch that wire, you'll get a shock.

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When did he come here?


We're still investigating.

Louiqa doesn't know what time it is.

Does Marika like Japanese cars?

Are you sure this is safe?

One thing Erwin really enjoys is playing chess with Valeria.

Please wrap it like a Christmas present.

Did you get any rest?


Haven't you been listening to anything I've been saying?

Go wait outside.

"Bye, see you tomorrow." "Oh, what's this? Leaving on the dot again?"


I love rock music.

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They live near the school.

We work from dawn until dusk.

The question is by no means easy.


You ought to take your father's advice.

I'd better do something before the problem gets any worse.

He is very much concerned about the future of his son.

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Bruno lost the race.

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You are blessed, Goddess, mother of all creation, because you teach us cleanliness.

I knew that you would check this sentence very carefully.

I'm not going to lug their suitcases around.

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I want to protect them.

That makes it even more special.

The child of the lady next door is already seven years old.

We work during the day, and sleep at night.

It's not graffiti; it's Banksy!

I've been working out.

That road is still under construction.

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We discussed different topics.

Jesus won't be able to get to the airport on time.

Reid looked a little worried.

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Their communication may be much more complex than we thought.

You don't need luck.

Is it okay if I go for a walk?

How much do I owe?

Be very careful with this.

Can you keep her there?

We just hope it continues.


Did you understand your mistake?


Neil waited until Nathan was out of earshot before he started talking.


He wrote a small book on china.

The launching of the company was in 1950.

As soon as she opened the door, a white dog ran out of the house.

You shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket.

There can be no friendship without trust.

He was the perfect man for her.

Why don't you just tell us where it is?

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That one's for me, too.

The Naxi language is spoken in Southwest China.

This coat fits you.


Not until late at night did he come home.

Does that seem fair to you?

What's Loyd up to nowadays?

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We'll always be here.


I'm thinking of moving to a new city.


It's no secret Loren and Kevin are having problems.

Pratapwant never seems to have much to say.

Kenneth knows Stacy better than anyone.

Gypsy only glanced at the headlines.

I still don't have enough money for the trip.


I know you're licking it when I'm not around.

That's what I thought in the first place.

Olaf said he didn't feel hot.

I use birth control.

Take your time over it.

Could you give Tony a minute?

The warmth after the chills intoxicated us.


Rajendra watched Howard dive into the water.

What causes websites to lag?

Leads stole a base.

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Don't turn it inside out.

You're both adults.

The mayor refused to prognosticate as to his margin of victory in the election.


He helped me to get over the difficulties.

Tomorrow will be no different than today.

Where did the tragedy occur?

He lives with his parents.

Nowadays parents treat their children more as equals than they used to and the child is given more freedom to make his or her own decisions in life.

The voters won't put up for a tax hike.

I really wasn't expecting that from you.

That was just a little bit weird.

Guido seems to be expecting something.

Tell her that I am having dinner.

They have never even heard of the US.

Why are you wearing Erik's jacket?

Amarth was funny.

They expected to win.

Molly bought them for me.

I don't really care for that sort of thing.

He took risks.

Your hat's on backwards.

You can't see him today.

Mikael is nuttier than a fruitcake.

Has he worked all day?

I've got accustomed to speaking in public.

No one should desert his friends.


Somebody's in a good mood.

Oh, these were charming stories! and thus he wooed the Princess, and she immediately said 'Yes!'

I don't want to eat with Terry.

Ricardo is allergic to mould.

They lived in peace.

I like your dog.

Who's your favorite country singer?

We're giving you the house.

What a concept!


Button up your overcoat.

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I could feel the sweat trickling down my back.

I suggest we eat just a little now, and then go out later.

What he says always corresponds with what he does.

Isaac pretended not to understand.

It is the love that covers a multitude of sins.


A fire broke out at the inn where they were staying.

Liyuan likes Stanley.

Evan has a tattoo on his wrist.

How about getting me another glass of wine?

We need a goal.

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Oliver crashed Sofia and Rhonda's car into a tree because he was distracted by his friends.


Gideon and Kay now live in Boston.

I saw Troy and could barely recognize him.

Takeuchi got home after midnight.

Don't help them.

She angers us with her remarks.

I have not heard from her since then.

Perhaps we can talk about this at another time.

I didn't have much lunch.

Shaw has quite a few antiques.


"Past tense" is used in connection with actions in the past.

He is the brightest in the class.

Where can I find the post office?

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You should get to know them.

I enjoy listening to Russian speech.

Are any of these within walking distance?

What are some of Australia's major exports?

Stay off the grass.


Law is born from despair of human nature.


She never forgave him the infidelity and held it over him every chance that she got.


Your composition has a few mistakes.