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Certivera by Raveer is a first of its kind PKI intelligence tool. Using an agent-less, zero impact, zero configuration approach Certivera monitors your IT infrastructure for PKI certificates. When critical events such as pending expiration, outdated key sizing, or weak signing algorithms are detected, targeted personnel are alerted. By targeting alerts to specific personnel with a specific interest, administrators are able to view certificates that have direct relevance to systems they control, eliminating information overload that often leads to administrator fatigue and PKI failures.

Certivera's unique design allows it to capture certificates that may not be on a listening port without intrusive resource wasting credentialed scanning and provides unparalleled operational insight into the relationships between your PKI enabled resources, both consumers and producers and even external partners. Using Certivera, your organization will proactively manage the complexity of PKI instead of reacting to unexpected outages or compliance audits.

Software Stack:

  • Agentless Certificate Discovery
  • Automatic Certificate Registration
  • Certificate Tracking by GeoLocation
  • Rich Internet Application User Interface
  • Push and Pull SOAP/REST Reporitng Interfaces
  • Integration Into All Major Monitoring Systems
  • Integration Into All Major Ticketing Systems


  • Plug and Play Rackmount Hardware
  • Up to 8 Dedicated 1 Gigabyte Interfaces
  • Up to 4 Dedicated 10 Gigabyte Interfaces
  • Redundant Data Protection
  • Redundant Power Protection
  • Auto Discovery Clustering for Scalability
  • Centralized Datacenter Deployment
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The CertiVera is a complete certificate management solution offering the following benefits:

  • Completely automatic, Agent-Less
    • First of its kind in the industry
    • No need to repoint if service moves
  • Real-time monitoring and analytics of Certificate handshakes
    • Map who/what is consuming services
    • Track what is trending
  • Expiration tracking
    • Real time console alerts
    • Customized email alerts
    • Integration into industry leading ticketing tools
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Large industries face unique certificate problems far beyond standard expiration tracking. The Raveer CertiVera is uniquely differentiated in its ability to solve the most complex certificate and secure communications issues in today's highly integrated and heterogenous computing environments.

  • Discover all the SSL traffic to and from your devices, including client key stores
  • Ensure compliance with required secuirty standards, algorithms, and practices.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations like HIPAA and other industry security standards.
  • Avoid downtime in patient facing services.
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  • Ensure the uptime of your customer facing services by tracking your own certificates and those of partners your business relies on.
  • Comply with PCI and other government and industry regulations.
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Raveer, LLC is a datacenter technology firm delivering innovative solutions targeted at increasing knowledge, efficiency, and security within your organization. Located in Austin, TX we have surrounded our self with some of the best and brightest in the space to ensure your success.

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