An old tree provides shade.

My watch has stopped.

Kuldip isn't accustomed to walking barefooted.

What is an Anglicism?

We're embarrassing Graeme.

It looks like a great day for a picnic.

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Can you break this thousand-yen bill?


If these books were stolen, then don't give them to me.

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Why are you doing all this for us?


I've had a busy week.


I visited all the international airports.

Lorraine convinced Beverly to go to the party with him.

You must've hated Masanao for what he did.


The woman whom they interviewed yesterday has been given the job.

"Now I must say good-bye," he said suddenly.

He's rather handsome, isn't he?

We still have a TV-set of the old type.

We rested there for a week.

There's a problem with the plane's landing gear.

I hope you guys brought your swimsuits.

Ramanan felt hurt.

She attended the meeting.

Don't open that.

This group will run.

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How do you expect me to know that? I'm not a psychic.


You need not pay for your lunch.

My apathy for voting comes from my distaste for politics.

Who wants to go hunting?

I never imagined he'd do that to me.

That's a bit much.

Take a hike, Terrence.

Shared studying among premeds is rare.

Why was it so hard to establish that the neuron is the most basic unit of nervous tissue?

You don't deserve to live.


I have met this girl before.

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What did Joon say he lost?

I want to live a happy life.

The telephone can't be used.

Why didn't you just tell them?

I have nothing more to do today.

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You are mistaken as to what makes him so nervous.

It cost twice as much as we expected.

I think Lowell is unhappy.

Israel was wearing a new hat.

I am thinking about my children.


There are rumors that she found a new job.

After Kris won the Oscar, he thanked his wonderful wife, Saqib, as well as his children and parents.

The police are going all out to keep down the rioting bikers.

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That man has a very good build.

Would you like to trade seats?

Jun is scheduled to give a concert in Boston on October 20th.


I did all the work myself.

Atlantis sank into the sea.

We have ten head of cattle.

Are you still interested in learning how to speak French?

He doesn't work for us anymore.


We arrived at Viracopos at one o'clock in the morning.

He fastened the horse's pack with a rope.

You can open your eyes. I know you're just pretending to be asleep.

Torsten wants to know the cause of the accident.

Jon quickly reloaded his gun.


Leslie heard Kenton recite the poem.

He failed in his business last year.

I think he's interested in you.

That's why I'm giving you this.

The student arrived after the examination was over.

Nothing can be produced out of nothing.

He won a bronze medal.

Cut the power off.

I will find a job in China.

Quite a few people are coming around to that way of thinking.

This plant is toxic to cats.

How can I feel relaxed, with you watching me like that?

I'll go to Paris when I have enough money.


Jane is very content with her job and has no desire to quit it.

I'm going to have a shower.

He felt the same way as I did.

Men and women made huge amounts of money overnight.

The statesman seems to be concerned with the affair.


Have you checked your pockets?


Joyce never gets anything for Christmas.

I don't know whether I have time or not.

I was in the hospital last week.

Tuan bet $300 on the fight.

Shyam handed his pen to Winston.


The concept is amazing.

Tell me what you ate for lunch.

It was very kind of you to visit me when I was ill.


Then that means I lost everything.

I think things will get better.

Just open the door.

Only the one who tries succeeds. But the one who only tries fails.

I never get to spend any time with Plastic.


Patricia was my boyfriend.


I have twenty thousand reals saved up in the bank, but I don't think I can touch the money until my son finishes high school.

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I would like to meet with him one-on-one to discuss the matter.


Don't you hate dogs?

Do you love me just because I have black hair?

We'll have to have a man-to-man talk about this.

I appreciate your honesty.

My office is on the fourth floor of that gray six-story building.

Canada is a neighboring country of the USA.

Francisco won't listen anymore.

Can I stay at your place for tonight? I do hope my question is not out of place and that I haven't put you to any trouble, inviting myself out of the blue. I hope we haven't inconvenienced you.

Food and blankets were given to the refugees.


Nora could tell that Kayvan was dying.

Shouldn't we help her?

There are only a few consequences of closing the canteen.

I think the guy standing next to Stuart is Evelyn.

Her father had always disapproved of Panzer.

The Russian language is a great thing. It seems that thing is too great for my small head!

The museum isn't open on Sundays.

Zoology deals with the study of animal life.

Five years is too long to wait.


I am a singer.

I felt a drop of rain on my head.

If you want to set your mind at rest and relax at home, first you have to not think about work matters.

No rights reserved.

It's a matter of personal preference.

She went to Europe via America.

Kumi did not make boxes.

It was extremely easy.

Social networking sites are all the rage now.

Carol got up to a lot of mischief at school.

Give me another couple of days to think it over.

You'll need some help.

I hope everything will turn out well in the end.

You don't seem very impressed.

Suu doesn't remember his first French teacher's name.

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Smoke was coming out the window.

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You're your own worst enemy.


These boxes have plenty space on the interior.


You forgot to take the trash out this morning.

Feel free to look around.

You made him do it, didn't you?

Chris hasn't said anything either.

I'll leave when Vaughn gets here.


Geoffrey is just scared, that's all.

We talked about Park Street.

I'm here to pick up the book I ordered.

That's pretty much everything you need to know.

The notebook cost two florins.

There's a restaurant pretty close to here, but it's not very good.

Few people expected him to win.

I'm convinced that the French don't know who to vote for.

Many admire him.

Kee and Carter seem so happy together.

Guy digitized an old family photo and emailed it to his mother.

This looks like an attempt at rephrasing a well-known English proverb.

The sporks are still in the dishwasher?

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I let him sleep until noon.

Come meet Sanity.

Ana is from Paraguay. She is Paraguayan.

Having been living in New York for three years, he knows many good restaurants there.

Make sure the chef is skilled before ordering fugu.

You should've seen her run.

Just then his boss came in and cut him down to size.


I know why you don't want to talk. I don't want to talk with you, either.

Finally, it was over.

I felt like screaming.


Is it true that chicken soup will cure a cold?

Let's go wake Space up.

He was sitting on a bench with his eyes closed.

The snow is powdery.

It'll come to me.