Margie doesn't drink beer at home.

Her lush hair cascaded down over her shoulders.

I wish I hadn't cried.


Eliot looked hot and tired.

I'll show myself out.

Her hair was so long as to reach the floor.

We had already sent the letters of invitation to the party.

All his teeth were sound.

Don't you think the air conditioner is turned up too high in here?

You can't leave this room.

Have you ever eaten an insect?

Just a moment, I'll change the song first.

We've said our goodbyes.

You look very good.

My name is Ivan.

People can talk but animals cannot.


He said I was his archenemy. How did we arrive at a situation like this?

Suresh didn't come all the way from Boston just to eat dinner with us.

Some people consider Led Zeppelin to be the greatest band there has ever been.

Olaf locked himself out of his room.

We're not proud of it.

Let me make myself crystal clear.

My friend seems serious to me.

We'll have plenty to do.

What else can you do for us?

I made him very angry.

Mr Wood came to the door and spoke to Tony's mother.


What's being done?

Pria had plenty of chances to apologize, but he didn't.

Speaking foreign languages is not easy.


She never asked me.


Am I talented?


Here is the location of the prototype.


I've seen Vernon do some really amazing things.

I need an ashtray.

When we were in school, my best friend and I made our own secret code so we could write messages to each other without other people being able to read them.

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Why doesn't Ilya like us?

I have seen the picture before.

Fish can be dry and tasteless if it's overcooked.

One of us could be the winner.

If you are hungry, why don't you eat?

He makes a point of taking the eight o'clock bus.

I was with her for an hour.

I think this suit is much superior to that one in quality.

Among other things, carats are a measure of gold's fineness.

He's stupid sometimes!

Rodent went to work today even though he wasn't feeling well.

Deborah was apparently in Boston last winter.

We don't trust the government.

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Andy is now working for a secret service agency. However, he can't say which one, because that must remain a secret.


I want to give him this.

He is the only person that can do it.

They went to Spain to study in the university.


Can you see a sail on the horizon?


John and I have patched up our troubles.

This is my cat.

I need you to be accessible.

I'll ruin my clothing.

Naoko swims.

This is one of the most important things all people need to know.

If you want to learn a language, you must be patient. Success requires some time.

Arnold decided to help out.

Ask her when she will come back.


When is checkout time?

Jack was born on August tenth.

Merat gives me a lot of advice.

Hume is thinking.

I reported to him by means of an SMS that he had to stop his work as soon as possible.

Aiding and abetting the enemy is considered treason.

How do you call your dog?


She was more beautiful than any woman he had ever seen.


Douglas sat down to dinner with his family.

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Raman can be there in thirty minutes.

I can't ensure that she will be here tomorrow.

I don't have any children yet.

Prakash has done things he doesn't want his children to find out about.

Ranjit seems to speak French better than before.

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He is punctual.


I never wanted you to get involved in this mess.

My family loved him.

It's a catchy song.


The snake swallowed a frog.


I don't know what Reinhard reads nowadays.

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Jong helped Robin get back on her feet.


Old is quite snobby.

He comes home at five thirty.

The company scrambled to stay afloat.

Resort areas abound in tourists.

The man dashed the bottle against the wall.

I like camels.

One of the players was hurt during the game.

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I have steak, eggs, hash browns, toast, and coffee.


Mikael may be under thirty.

I lost my passport!

I'm very curious about this.


She accompanied her friend to the concert.

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What did you do over the weekend?

You're so sweet.

Lorien is used to traveling.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

He won't hurt you.

We're having a party Friday evening.

I didn't see anyone at the party that I knew.

Lieutenant Dan Anderson was called to a second murder scene.

How can a change of attitude be achieved?


I rented a videotape this morning.

He killed me with one word.

Ragnar ate an apple.

I want a hug. Jorge wants a hug, too.

A girl from America is in our class.

Do you have a budget?

The door was not closed.

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I can't make him stop.


I was looking for Andy. Do you know where he is?

If you try at all, you should try your best.

My grandma is a very independent person.

Am I alone here?

Dan befriended several gangsters while in jail.


They have never forgotten to send their mom a birthday present.

Darci didn't want to spend too much time discussing that.

He soon left the new job.

Do you understand my problem?

I'm really proud of it.

Jacob doesn't know how to deal with people like Jinny.

There are conditions under which breaking a promise or telling a lie are acceptable.

It was too risky, so I decided not to try doing it.

Ro didn't tell you about what happened to Jingbai, did he?

A frenzied feasting tells of the beginning.

I'm not an owl!

So the Son of Man must be lifted up.

He's attracted to black women.

What can I do to make you happy?

It doesn't ring any bells.


I'm learning Turkmen.

Harry doesn't seem to understand any French.

Can I use the bathroom?

How do we keep our children from hurting themselves?

Heidi is my husband.

Don't interrupt me again.

Where would you like me to put this?

We can rely on Spike.

It still happens from time to time.


After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.

At last, spring has come to this part of Japan.

There is a book on the table.

Be sure and wear your overcoat.

I have a dozen reports to read.

Will someone else be joining you?

I'm pretty sure that I've left the keys to my office in my raincoat pocket.

It's too cold to go to the sea yet.

Two beers, please.


Well, I'll see you around.

How many of you are going?

He is a good person.

We were both afraid to talk.

What are you guys still doing here?

She felt she had been tricked into marriage.

Could I have some more coffee?


The woman is the most perfect of creatures; she's a transitory creature between man and angel.

I thought you'd found someone else.

She gave the blouse a quick wash.

I only want to help Louie.

Hubert and Ramadoss had a huge fight.

Let me get my coat.

Examine it.