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Sometimes the people you think don't want to talk to you are the ones waiting for you to talk to them.

He isn't very happy today.

Get out of here! I'll do it myself.

She was jealous of her neighbor's good fortune.

He came here before school was over.

I asked Ben what he'd suggest.

This is my sister. She is called Julia.


I think it's time I left.

That book contains useful ideas.

For one thing, I'm busy; for another, I'm not interested.

Is that new?

Netherlands so deserved the World Cup.


His shop is in a busy section of town.

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There exist numerous theories about the origins of life.

Those students work hard, don't they?

We have to give them a chance.

Respect your parents. They pay for the internet.

He got drunk and became talkative.


Jack was tired, but he looked well.


Jinny is coming to pick me up.

It looks like Stewart is having fun.

Though imperfectly, he finished writing his manuscript.

My father warned me against crossing the road.

Whose textbook is this?

I really miss Karl.

There aren't supposed to be any men in this house.

Kathleen meant it.

A hug from you would make me happy.

Takayuki couldn't find anyplace decent to rent.

My heart pounded at the future excitement.

Can we pretend we are all in Croatia for the night?

Thirteen percent said no.


Do you need some help with that?

The pen is white.

I saw a big dog lying in front of Mr Hill's house.

We want our money.

You have to meet my children.

I acted like I didn't know her.

Fred is the captain of the football team.


I think Kari did that on purpose.

Juri is sewing baby clothes.

If something is an apple, then it's either red or green, or possibly both.

Europeans are the world's largest consumers of alcohol.

I came to work here though his introduction.

The bird's wing was broken.

Who's not wearing gloves?


It's kind of an emergency.


I'm sure that I'll win that tennis match.

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What did they offer?


Mari moved into the apartment below me a couple of summers ago.

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When I inquired "what is that?" I was told, "go and find out for yourself."

I promise you we'll find a bigger place.

I'll take this to him.

You've got to take people and the weather as they come.

After their argument they weren't on speaking terms.


Diane was getting worried.

The tide is coming in.

It was sheer coincidence that Kanthan and I were on the same train.

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Please do your model building at home! The room's full of the smell of lacquer.

Dogs aren't allowed in my apartment building.

Paola motioned for Roxanne to enter.

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Shall I cook dinner today?

I don't trust these surveys.

We have a pretrial conference.


Radek did exactly what I told him to do.

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For one reason or another, their holiday in France wasn't as good as they expected it would be.


Whether he will succeed or not depends on his efforts.

This is a meeting room, not a waiting room.

You sat there and watched me being beaten to a pulp.

You were the one who told me Case couldn't be trusted.

Who will foot the bill?

The room was hot.

We regard John as our leader.


I thought Morris wanted to marry Gregge.

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No wonder he is a henpecked husband.

We'll go talk to her.

I will do it myself.

I can't do with him and his insolent ways.

Give me a hand with this.


Let's make sure we're doing this the right way.


That person's so stingy that he won't even let the mouse have the chaff.

The house is small but beautiful.

Why did you buy another car?

Panacea is a puritan.

They were the nightmare of the elderly.

Would you like to go to the butterfly house with me?

Let's give Shel a little time.

We're just about finished for the day.

Are you a yankee?

Get back in there.

Take this or that.


I'm busy. If that weren't the case, I'd accept your invitation.

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The ship was flying the American flag.

This message is for them.

I admire Mahesh very much.

He bumped his head against a post.

My car is parked just around the corner.


Everybody put their foot down.


We took a rest one after the other.

Miles wants me to do it.

Tiefenthal sought solace in the bottle after he and Christina broke up.

Once you reach the age of sixty, you become a senior.

The Year of the Four Emperors, 69 AD, is a remarkable page of the Roman history.


Approximately 300 houses were built here last year.

I confessed to something I didn't do because I was being tortured.

It's a sunny day.


Is it OK if I drink alcohol?

The middle-aged women kept talking loudly all the way.

When it comes to girls, I pay much attention.

How can the little snail grow inside its stone prison?

We know what we're doing.


Did Root listen to you?


Do you speak French well?

Do you still want to go to the zoo on Monday?

In most elections, whichever candidate gets the majority of the votes, wins the election.

I spoke to him this morning.

At no time does the plain look so perfect as in early autumn.

Physical books have infinite battery life, are very durable, and you can flip pages instantly.

I noticed that I had lost my glasses.

Son may not be dead.

Whoever shuts up, even though he is right, is married.


The ship was scuttled last year.

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Adam told me he needed to get something off his chest.

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I'd feel better if Pratapwant knew about this.

You really are nuts.

Fill the bucket with water.


You just have to study a little harder.


Take your time. There's no rush.

I want to see him in my office.

I can't figure out why he didn't tell the truth.

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He repeated the price to him.

Were you tactful?

I'm in love with a wonderful girl.

I recognized her right away.

Did you hear my show last night?

I think you're going to find this interesting.

Mother bought me a new bicycle.

They claim they're Canadians.

You're deceitful.

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This is a public beach.


I'll let him go.


You have to stop it.

Alastair needs to be better prepared next time.

Beware! Beware! The Dragonborn comes!


Dolphins have at least the intelligence of humans, but no arms and hands; for this reason they have never conquered the world, and for this reason they are not destroying the world.


What are you giving Brandi in return?


You can eliminate a few constraints from your optimization problem if you parametrize your variables into spherical coordinates.

Jeannette fought his way through the flames and rescued the child from the burning house.

Where do you think I can find Jin?

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Today is a good day.

It's impossible for me to believe what you are saying.

He's trying to muscle in on my territory and get a piece of the action.

I'm with them now.

You will never be alone with schizophrenia.

It looks like he's winning.

Space climbed Mt. Fuji a few years ago.