The farmer sowed his field with wheat.

Children like gummy bears.

I can have dinner ready by 10 o'clock.

Things are serious.

Irwin fed the goats.

That might have been true.

Son hasn't picked up anything.

Are you accusing her?

Monday definitely isn't my favourite day of the week.

I warned Jerome not to eat anything Serdar cooked.

I'm just a freshman.

Stephe wouldn't do something like this.


Can I sleep on the couch?

Everyone felt it.

This is personal.

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Do you want me to go talk to Carlo myself?

I'm playing SpaceChem.

Sue is a rabbi.


Promise you won't tell him.


Come from India.


Patrice is wearing a black fedora.


Bilinguals are not just two monolinguals stuck together!

Mann isn't able to come today.

Mason seldom drinks coffee in the evening.


You're the computer expert.

Had I known that you would be so happy about this bike, I would have gotten you one much earlier!

There are some things in this world that will never come true, no matter how much you wish for them.

Just tell Marty I called.

In my senior year of college, I met Ann through a mutual friend.

I never expected that she would join us.

No matter what Ole wears, he always looks great.

You can't help it, can you?

Pia did a pretty good job of selecting music for the dance.

I apologize for him.

No further action will be taken.

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I live miles away from the nearest station.


Emily felt vulnerable.

Trying knew he was being insulted.

"What do you want?" "Forget about it."

Is there anything else you would like to eat?

If I were rich, I would buy a fine house.

Val doesn't play baseball.

It was pretty clear what was happening.

She wanted to test her limits.

It was personal.


Honey in the mouth and poison in the heart.

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Anderson always complains that Debbie doesn't drive fast enough.

You can find her phone number in the directory.

By the way, it also works with the wheel of a wheel mouse.

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Phil was wearing a tight red dress.

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Can one person really make a difference in the world?

He accepted my present.

Success! Soon, anybody can start learning Klingon!

He has long hair and wears jeans.

The restaurant is closed.

I cannot understand the physics teacher. I am completely lost!

I finished doing the work before supper.


I have a feeling that he knows the secret.

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Emma was wearing a cheerleader's uniform.

Mongo asked for Shane's permission to leave early.

Sometimes my hands shake.

Six members constitute the committee.

I've still got things to do.

My grandmother cooked for five.

We have few occasions in life to be witness to extraordinary history.

Probably not.

She isn't used to sitting up late at night.

I don't recall asking you for help.

You should try to cut your way.

I have a black and a white coat.

What problems are you planning to resolve next year?

It takes a great deal of practice to master a foreign language.

And I thought you could smoke here.

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In periods of drought, farmers have to hand-feed their stock.

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I'd like to study French next year.

I guess it's not true.

All sweaters of this type are out of stock now.


My dog has got a Danish passport.

I may not be able to go shopping with you tomorrow.

I moved back in with my parents.


All they had was one another.

That's actually perfect.

It will take a little time to get used to wearing a wig.


Who is more intelligent?

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Can I ask you a question?

Are you scared to talk to girls?

Craig doesn't like milk in his coffee.

The joke's on you.

Clara is the youngest.

I'm doing what I've been told to do.

I made out a check for $25 and handed it to the salesperson.

Gale took a hard hit.

I was scared to be alone in the dark.


Could it be worse ?

Is Barrio actually in there?

If we need your help, we'll call you.

Did you see what it was?

I had to work.

I think we should go take a look.

Would you like me to get you something to eat?

It was hot last night.

I know him to be honest.

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I was born on March 3rd, 1996 in Marseille, France.

Jayant wants you badly.

I need to get another lawyer.

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Tell me why you don't like them.

Can you speak English?

The two children pulled at the rope until it broke.

Monty is really gorgeous.

These shoes don't fit my feet.

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I have a great fear of being disdained by those I love and care about.

I didn't think it would hurt so much.

I'll tell you if I find anything.

The longer you wait to tell her, the worse it's going to be.

You do not yet know what he will say.

I'm short of money.

Only cats are born simply like that.

Tareq put down the box he was holding.

I am afraid of bears.

A cup of tea, please.

Rajeev always got everything he wanted.

Sue decided to say nothing until everyone else had given their opinions.

Ahmet sacrificed her own life in order to save Avery.

We'll never find him.

The sky cleared up soon after the storm.

Douglas was tired, so he went to bed earlier.

You can count me out on that!

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I may be overthinking this.


Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.

This car is spacious and comfortable.

Thank you and goodbye!

They were good.

I missed the train.

Kyle is on the bus to the city.

It might happen.

Byron was a good friend of yours, wasn't he?

Always do what is right.

This is an another pair of shoes.

Write them a note.


I never told Stacy.

You can buy almost everything in the big department store.

Boys will run risks.

The lengths of day and night are the same today.

He'll be busy tomorrow.

The candidates are out kissing babies and pumping hands.

How much is the premium?

What can hunger strikes achieve?

When she came in, we were finishing the main dish.


They decorated it.

You were probably too much tense and that prevented you from sleeping well.

Is your conscience bothering you?

I was locked out of my house.

Maybe Sergio shouldn't be here.

I wouldn't have been able to finish the job without your help.

Pardon me for interrupting you.

Why don't we order pizza?

I still think we're safe.


Many people who say they aren't afraid of dying are lying.


Someday I will buy a cotton candy machine.

Clay is one of our former clients.

I wish for once I could be something.

Oleg wasn't happy about the situation.

Somebody's taken Phil's place.


There are a lot of different peoples in the world.


Rainer found the book Shuvra had given him quite boring.

Lack of sleep can gradually affect health.

I want some more ice cream.