They heard him.

The store where Sumitro used to work closed in 2013.

Eddie never said that he wanted to go.

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Vladimir loved the song even though the lyrics were in a language he didn't understand.

She boils water to wash her hair.

They were too close to the door to close it.

I will do it on the condition that you help me.

Myron punched John in the stomach and walked away.

The battery indicator light is showing that the battery is not getting charged.

Can you make it on time?

Do you need a bag?

I can't wait anymore.

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I get her point.


He couldn't stand the bitterness of the coffee.

What will they think of next?

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Technological progress has made Japan what she is.

I didn't ask Ernest any questions.


We read about that in class.

I'll be there till 2:30.

I just didn't want to be there.

Sriram is eating chicken porridge.

Why don't you visit me next time you're in Boston?

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Excellent reviews.

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I hope our luck doesn't run out.


We have to buy soap to wash the dishes.

Juan doesn't have a brother.

I rented an apartment when I lived in Boston.

We need peace and stability first and foremost - these are the most important things.

He came from one of the richest families in the United States.

Don't cry. I'll start crying too.

He has got well, so that he can work now.

We can't release any details right now.

I've never understood you.

The stock prices are at an all-time low and this fact casts doubt on the existence of true competition among pharmaceutical companies.

I thought it over and decided not to go.

She was beside herself with joy.

Masanobu is not that different from us.

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The whole town accorded a hearty welcome to the visitor.

Do you love that man there?

Dan savagely beat Linda while their son looked on.

Page said he wanted to buy a blue sweater.

Who taught Miriam how to speak French?

That's totally understandable.

I suppose I'll just have to improvise.

Why would anybody kidnap Laurent?

"I shall buy a new house. How about you?" "No, I will not buy one."


Take it easy. Things are looking up.

Tell Ronni about your trip.

I can't tell you what happened.

You haven't been returning my calls, Gregg.

She decided she will not continue her relationship with him.


The barber has cut your hair very short.

I was quite dissatisfied.

You shouldn't make fun of me.

This must be my grandfather's house.

Give her a hug.

You're like a father to me.

She is muttering to herself.

I had a very productive day of cooking yesterday; I made soup, biscuits, and two pies.

This event suddenly happened on its own.

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She sometimes gets depressed.

The ring was not to be found anywhere.

What's Simon's office number?

An uncle of mine gave me some useful advice.

They all looked up.

It was good fun.

All good in the hood?

I want you to stay tonight.

Jeffery's inability to control his temper will likely instigate one international crisis after another.

Thank you for telling me the truth.

He will arrive in Paris tomorrow.

This is totally worthless.

What kind of nonsense is that?


Frankly speaking, this 'on board' means "doesn't have a graphics card".

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Trey couldn't hear what was being said.


Don't open your mouth if you are not certain that what you want to say is better than silence.


Did Jinchao ask you to do it?

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Vladimir is going to pick me up at 6:00.


Tharen knew about all that.

As the years progressed, Newton completed his work on universal gravitation, diffraction of light, centrifugal force, centripetal force, inverse-square law, bodies in motion and the variations in tides due to gravity.

The company is in financial trouble.

Having been living in New York for three years, he knows many good restaurants there.

Yes, the apple is red.

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Kevyn liked Loyd very much.

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The bucket was full of rainwater.

According to my sister, my muscles are in my head.

It seemed like a good idea.

He left home at 8:00.

I want to go talk to them.

That's super cute!

Give me five tokens, please.


We've already spoken to the police about that.

We've forgiven you.

I got undressed.

She's my wife's friend.

Don't boast too much about that.

I apologize for being late.

The Death Valley National Park is known for its dark skies.


This is a great picture.

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Cheese goes mouldy if you don't put it in fridge.

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Jerrie asked me how I liked my new job.

Sharan's car is well-kept and in excellent condition.

Why is it every goddamn Smashing Pumpkins video I go to, some idiot compares them to Nirvana? What the fuck?


I think Elliot did this on purpose.


I don't want to learn words without context.

The hat on the desk is Chama's.

That light is green.


What's your major field?


We're lucky to be alive.

Get to it, Michel.

I'd like to borrow your notes for a bit.

Then he stretched his legs and settled back in his seat.

Morgan looked interested.

Sam left the water running.

The term "pansexual" has recently become a popular alternative to "bisexual."

Dan didn't even buy a ticket.

Now let me entertain you with music.


She will fail eventually.

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How's your job?

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My grandmother walks faster than me, and plays tennis better than I do.

We need to bind gravel with cement.

That's what I always say.

I'll be a bit late. Keep dinner warm for me.

The murderer was sentenced to life in prison.


Charles sat on the lounge chair and stared at the stars overhead.


Do you have any kind of alibi?

Who's your doctor?

He was in the middle of a funny story when he stopped to answer the telephone.

Disarmament is in practice difficult in many countries.

We'll survive this.

Almost everyone has already left.

Jack is quiet now.

I returned to my hometown after five years' absence.

It's an old pain.

No one's told me anything.

How much time did you spend on it?


The biologist concentrated on observing the phenomenon.

He thought he met his match at last.

You were the only one who could have helped us.

I think I can fit you into my schedule.

The evening performance at the Royal Theater had ended, and the audience had gone home.

I expected to finish this work, but I couldn't.

Do you know what the risks are?

I suppose you'll let them go.

I have heart problems.

I'm your neighbor.

A driver reached speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour while fleeing from police after they tried to make a traffic stop on the vehicle yesterday.

I know what you've risked.

I hope that my mother is well.


Marvin isn't really sick. She's only pretending to be.

The number of students who travel abroad for vacation is increasing.

I am not a guide


She peeked through the curtain.

Sanjeev keeps his doors locked at night.

Almost all of the passenger in the bus were asleep when the accident happened.

I prefer black- and red-colored clothes.

They didn't make a deal.


May you win!

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He has been asked to sit on the committee.

Juliane is one of the guys that Dale is interested in.

Thanks for reminding me!