Using its interdisciplinary and highly experienced team, the company takes a leading role in large-scale projects, mainly in the realms of IT, telecommunication, energy, change management and high-yield investments. Adommen holds multi-facet approach, while providing its clients with A-Z project management solutions, from planning to execution.

Adommen strives to facilitate large-scale projects and global enterprises, mainly in the realms of IT, telecommunication, energy, change management and investments.

Our wide range of expertise and international web of connections enable us to offer skills to suit any project, and any requirement, coming from our worldwide clientele. Our multitalented team will leave no stone unturned in order to bring your project to operational success and high-yield ROIs.
Adommen takes a great pride in its elite team of project management professionals, each holding in-depth knowhow and years of hands-on experience in the field.

The company's professionals deal with every facet of the project's lifecycle, from its preliminary planning through to its successful implementation. Among our team members are project managers, feasibility analysis professionals, financial and budget planning experts, procurement professionals, legal advisors, financing consultants, control systems experts, logistics professionals and investment consultants.
• Professional and committed team of experts
• International and interdisciplinary experience
• Personal and tailor-made service
• Wide-range of quality services


Adommen offers its worldwide clientele with comprehensive project management consulting services in a wide variety of fields, among them are:

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Infrastructures, system change and on-site implementation

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Planning and migrating telecommunication platforms

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Wind turbines farms, oil spill cleansing, smart building and sustainable energy solutions

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Change Management

Mentoring, process analysis, performance improvement, branding and tools for maintaining quality measures (ISO)

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High-Yield Investments

Investment planning and business development in emergent markets worldwide

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