I prefer that it stay that way.

It seemed like a game to me.


Women are not essential in Westerns.

Walt gives nothing to his family after his death.

Bucky was even more surprised than Eduardo was.

You're not staying here, are you?

Some of us will be at your party.


Jim is watering the garden.


For the time being, we don't need anything.

I woke up at noon.

No one lets me have fun anymore.

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I saw a mouse!


The liberty of a democracy is not safe if its business system does not provide employment and produce and distribute goods in such a way as to sustain an acceptable standard of living.


The company is losing money heavily.

There was a fire in this city last night.

Galen has been bitten by a snake.


Petr must be out.

It is merely an ornament.

Don't encourage him.


Please tell me about your company.

I couldn't breathe.

I really look up to my English teacher, Mr Taniguchi.

I fell in love.

The Italian language dies a little every time an anglophone orders "a panini".

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Kronum is a new team sport invented in 2008.


Bret and Nigel are friends with John.


When the last leaf falls, I must go, too.

Finish your homework by the time your father comes home.

We must stop this right now.

Don't interrupt them.

Only slackers fail if and only if the only unfair professors are on sabbatical.

Matthias took notes during the meeting.

You can do anything you want to.

We'll be sure to look into it.

When did you get to know them?

Ernst is the only boy in his class.

I wish to spare him the trouble of going there.

Gene speaks excellent Russian, but his German is abysmal.

I am not going to take this lying down.

You have tons of friends.

Liars must have a good memory.


They were under the yoke of a tyrant.


I really like this book but I guess it is worlds apart from what the real situation is.

Someone attacked me.

Mrs. Jones counts sheep every night to go to sleep.

We'll see each other at 5 in front of the laboratory.

I have big houses.

You know, you are nothing to me now, Teresa!

Are they your relatives?


You should wash your car.

You're looking chipper.

I told you I wouldn't do that anymore.

Do you feel better today?

Off with your head!

I take it you don't agree.

Did you kill anybody?

I feel very honored.

I feel like taking a walk now.

I looked in the cupboard.

You do have a point there.

You didn't hang your coat behind the door.

They brought umbrellas.

No sooner had she opened the door than a cat ran out.

He seems disappointed in his son.

From a translation I demand that it combine fidelity with sonority, and that it incorporate the genius of the language that it is written in, and not that of the original language. A good translator, therefore, needs to be intimately acquainted with the philology of a language pair.

We must do all we can to make Jerrie happy.


Who else do you want to visit?


Please don't do this.

Why isn't anything happening?

Morton was John's cellmate.

Did you hear about Elliott's fight with Marshall?

My glasses started to slip down my nose.

When was the last time you saw Loyd crying?

Michiel suggested that we go to the zoo.


There is no city in Europe as big as Tokyo.

He talks about her a lot.

Is it over?

The food hasn't been touched.

Now I'm having fun.


Fay handed Pascal a glass of champagne.

Barney stepped through the doorway.

Po is motionless.

We got Panzer.

Why do I have to tell Lindsay?

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An anonymous caller contacted the police to report a murder.

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He was a weak and delicate child.

I was with them for an hour.

Val asked Pravin what kind of music she liked to listen to.

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I looked all over for Page.

The snow compelled us to put off our departure.

We are classmates.


He and a colleague who went to China later translated The New Testament into Chinese.

I am having a shower.

This is the first time I've seen her calling her husband.

I thought I could trust you, Bertrand.

He took honey instead of sugar.

We'll visit you sometime.

If you love me, you must also love my dog.

It's Spain that they are going to on holiday.

The professor is on the phone.

Tell them I'll call back.

Police have failed to turn up any new evidence about the murder.

I don't want my son to join the special forces.

They have affiliates in many countries and are trying to expand their reach. These are not opinions to be debated; these are facts to be dealt with.


Rajiv didn't agree to help.

It seems too good to be true.

Your new dress becomes you very well.

Let's do this.

She doesn't wear makeup.

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As food and drink is to animals, so are rain and sunshine to plants.

Case asked Calvin if she could do him a favor.

He performed high duty.

I want her arrested for murder.

The Ubuntu version of April 2012 has been nicknamed "Precise Pangolin".

I am rather happy.

No takes his dog for a walk every morning.

Don't come in my room without knocking.

Anyone taller than a mile must leave the court immediately.


The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat.

Stanly visited Miltos on Sunday morning.

Janet said he'll help me get what I need.


I already talked to this student.

He went to the store just as it was going to close.

It's not easy to come by watermelons at this time of year.

I think I know what this is.

Sergeant never asked why.

What made you contact Del?

Vidhyanath decided not to go to the party.

I saw Dorothy hitting Lewis.

This isn't unusual.

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He bet me twenty dollars that I wouldn't do it.


Now we know how Mosur did it.


I can't believe my ears.


He looked at the slide under the microscope.

I want this guitar.

That movie is suitable for people of all ages.

I didn't make a phone call either.

Theodore always looked busy, but never was.

Should I call the doctor?

He tends to think of everything in terms of money.

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I don't want her to get sick.

The setting sun flushed the high roof.

I'd never ask you to do this if it weren't important.


He had a white cat.

I can be your best friend or I can be your worst enemy.

I gave up smoking a year ago.

The rain falls on the just and the unjust alike.

Nichael must be somewhere around here.

Duke was afraid of hurting Hans's feelings.

Is there anything unusual about that?

Can you put up with the noise?

There are some indications that the reception, which is known for its luxurious dishes, will go a bit on the back burner this year.

Melanie thinks that the situation is very bad.

Dublin is a wonderful town.

John has hardly ever gone to bed before midnight.

Strong winds stripped the tree of its leaves.

Shakil lost sight of Lynne in the crowd.

What is the largest organ in the human body? The answer may surprise you.


We'll talk when I get back, OK?

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Magnetic fields on Mars sprout like mushrooms in its southern hemisphere.

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I have a high opinion of Francis.


Young people naturally react against the attitudes of their parents.

Her parents insisted that she spend the summer in prep school

I hope you're not disappointed.