Linguistic prescriptivism is unscientific, and is criticized as such by those who are actual linguists.

I gave the house to you.

We've still got work to do.


This company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

We don't have any sugar.

I don't want to be rich.

We found Jean-Christophe alone at the camp.

This is a photograph of my home.


She went to bed late last night.

"May I use your pencil?" "Sure go ahead."

I just want to check something.

Sound needs matter to propagate through, however cosmic noise or electromagnetic waves don't.

She types well.

Where is the fat located?

I don't think I can get through this.

Barrett didn't like that.

Edith knew it was impossible.

Kevan saw someone standing outside his window.

Do you travel often?

Christina is so rude.

I'll need some supplies.

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The teacher stood before the class.

Don't you have another one that's a little larger?

Rudolf was involved in serious crime.

Brad is my ex-girlfriend.

Your order will be shipped as soon as possible.

Several proposals have been considered.

Granville made sure his message was loud.


I decided I didn't want anything more to do with Lori.

The speaker cleared his throat.

Roy may not like what he sees.

Malloy has been living here a long time.

Guy didn't speak to me at all.

So am I!

This dress fits me very well.

I bet I know what's coming.

To which of these boys will you give the book?

Please bring the master key.

I could not help smiling.


My wife took good care of this dog.

You should take care of yourself.

I thought I had it all.

Spying between friends is an absolute no no.

I feel I've been betrayed!

He bought a bottle of cheap wine.

Then is it war again, after so long a truce?

I'd prefer it if what I'm about to tell you stayed between the two of us.

All students of English should have a good English-English dictionary at hand.

What's on Fox Movies?

In such a case, you can always ask a question in return.

He can't have told a lie.

Iranians used to eat main meal with yoghurt.


Liisa is an active and energetic young woman.

He comes from India.

I wasn't that smart in school.

I'll ask her to wait.

We were all pleased to be so cheaply quit of him.

Leave him alone for a minute.

I think you should ask Andre to leave.

The dictatorship came under fire for its human rights record.

My father may be at home now.

That's so funny.

Tell me what to do.


I go near that store myself.


Please, turn on the light!


Did Kylo give you back your pen?

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I have already been here for two hours.

They cursed us.

We don't need a ladder.


Where are the other prisoners?

I can't speak fluent Indonesian yet.

I used to live in a village.


I can't afford it.

I'll go look for him.

That might not even be Barton.

Cyrus hid under a huge rock.

The police were at Christina's door with a search warrant.

He falls in love with Aiesha.

I'm unprepared for this.


As it were, the problem is solved.

I've heard of worse things.

The workers packed up at 2 o'clock on account of the rain.

Matthieu isn't here any more.

I'll answer that question.

Nicolo's not going to be happy when he finds out what happened.

I don't want you to quit the team.

The hard work has run him down.

Will it be hot again tomorrow?


It takes about twelve minutes for the Space Shuttle to pass over the continental United States from California to New York. A Shuttle trip around the world takes only ninety minutes.


Today schoolboys are more naughty than earlier.

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Go wake up Michelle and tell him that breakfast is ready.

It's been very cold, so the lake is frozen.

Someone help me, please.

Pria couldn't find a fire extinguisher.

He won a sum of money, and not such a small one, either.

There are always a lot of questions.

List often plays music with his friends.

Do you blame her?

I'm aware of the problem you're referring to.

No one seems to be telling the truth.

Toss your gun on the ground.

Nora is a therapist.

They often see us.

She was quite unaffected by the death of her husband.

Dr. Carl Sagan helped design the plaques carried by both Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11. These plaques, bearing the images of a man and a woman as well as a diagram showing Earth's location in the Galaxy, may one day be found by an extraterrestrial civilization.

The airplane accident took place yesterday, a long way off at sea.

In reports in the United States, guerrilla resistance by the Iraq military is called terrorism.


Can you remember the first time you ate at this restaurant?


Gunter thought what Robin was wearing wasn't appropriate for a formal party.

Nine pounds of gold was needed to gild the victory medals.

We were just screwing around.

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Your blood pressure may go up in the winter.

We will report the results when known.

You're much spoken about.

Are you sure you want to throw that one away.

You aren't very organized, are you?


I didn't want to scare him.

Could you keep your eye out for my car keys?

I told her.


Do you sell mini disks?


He's a movie buff.

She applied a bandage to the wound.

That is not allowed.

I'm fine with it.

I'm getting a lawyer.

Ping brought us gifts.

When can you let me know the result?


I met a guy named Andrea in the park.

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Antony never even opened the book.

They stayed up until dawn.

We'll do what we have to do.

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What can cheer up, soften, color everything - a big love.

The lost and found section.

Beatriz still loves Luis.


The ink cartridge can be recycled.


It really is your fault.

Nathaniel will leave the company at the end of the year.

No girl dares approach him.


I saw your name and posts in an English forum and took the liberty of reading your profile.

Please show me your picture.

What does it matter to you?


Hiroyuki became an alcoholic.

Our dog has been poisoned.

Change is important.

It's more polite to say thin than skinny.

Hohn waves to everyone.


The job was bigger than I anticipated.

She studies literature as well as language.

I'll call again.

Let Rod take care of it.

Don't you see him?


If you are going abroad, it's necessary to have a passport.

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The pain was such that I was not able to sleep.

What is your favorite sports team?

I don't know where this goes.

I'm not concerned with that.

Being a good actor isn't easy. Being a man is even harder. I want to be both before I'm done.


It didn't stop there.

I'm the only one who knows what the problem is.

It is difficult for him to buy a car.

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I had my composition corrected by Mr. Jones.


I think you'll want to see this.

He struck the wall with his fist.

I'm a coward.