Edgar is the only one who can't come with us.

"Why did you do that?" "Do what?"


The road which leads to the hotel is narrow.

We want to talk with her.

Yesterday morning, I wrote her a letter.


Do you have change for a fifty?


At any rate, we can't change the schedule.

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We're serious.

We have all the details.

With time on our hands now, let's do some good.


I'm not going to stop looking until I find Nadeem.


There's no chance that he'll recover.

Your help would be appreciated.

May I go home now?

She had fun with him.

You can't count on him.


Americans need a visa to travel to China.

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You shouldn't have backed down.


He bought something for Irwin.

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You know Ning is a loony tune.

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I can do that for him.


It was a general strike.

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Stefan will hurt himself if he isn't careful.


How many documents do you have to translate?

The next question is for you.

Ronald isn't going to like this one bit.

Clear foresight contributed greatly to his success.

Harv is named after his father.


Everything goes well.


You really should read it.


Languages are partially isomorphic.

Once you have made a promise, you should keep it.

He gave money to each of his sons.

What can be improved?

He came quickly.


I don't know why I have to do this.

The capital of the United Kingdom is London.

Some car.

Does he have a big family?

I don't think it's too bad.


The meeting is taking place on Friday.

I won't go easy on them.

I want to see what the message says.

Set this aside for me.

Even he stopped smoking.


Be sure to follow them step by step.

Comrade Stalin drew attention to the fact that language is extraordinarily important in the life of every people, and for their struggle for independence, freedom, and progress.

Klaus seems to be shy.

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She is always neatly dressed.


Mrs. Brown understands Japanese.

I want to have Stanley all to myself.

We're still waiting for Naim to do what he's been asked to do.


The dog is man's best friend.

I didn't say Carsten wasn't smart.

I got my license this summer.

There's something odd about her.

Florian's response was immediate.

Did you know Martha was unhappy?

Just do what I ask you to do.

Russ is usually quite organized.

I saw Jean-Pierre a minute ago.

I heard you are planning to switch majors.

So pleased to meet you.

Originally, he didn't believe it at all.

Her English is excellent.


I'm sorry to have caused you such inconvenience.


Elvis cooked all his own meals.

The following is his story.

Suzan and Corey usually speak to each other in French.


You never told me you were a doctor.


We can't yet translate from Esperanto to Danish.

I'm going to have to tell Maria.

Take it to him.

I side with a weaker party.

The student is in the classroom.


I'll be back in October.

I hid in the woods all behind Kit's house.

She affects a foreign accent.

Irwin knew where his car was.

Lyndon is touchy, isn't he?

We're not going anywhere together.

Bob, help me carry his luggage to the living room.


An ounce of wit that is bought is worse a pound that is taught.

He will try to have his own way.

I'm looking for them now.

We mean it.

After lunch today, our plan is to take a walk in the park.

I want you to reconsider your decision.

Children should drink milk every day.


If he goes on like that, he will never amount to much.

I'm trying to quit.

She can speak three languages.

I'm not sure that was a good idea.

You've had your chance.

I have a classmate who has a motorboat license.

I'll meet you in the baggage claims area.

Let's just call it a day, shall we?

I have a feeling that there's something funny about it.

He's quite crazy about golfing.

I don't want to keep my friend waiting.


Kinch asked Beverly for some money.

Rainer is parking the van.

Can I get you anything?


You can sleep in my bed if you want.


Excuse me. I'd like to rent a car.

When will they finish installing the electricity?

Vincenzo sold his house for $300,000.

Remember that I love and miss you.

The solution of the problem took me five minutes.


Colin has started to learn French.

Srikanth doesn't deserve to be treated this way.

I wish I'd known how to speak French.

I don't need to hear all the details.

He left his wife and shacked up with a woman half her age.

The meeting isn't going to be rescheduled.

Give me your phone number, just in case.


Barley will be planted in this field.

Kristen is on the roof.

To prevent hijacks, all carry-on baggage is carefully inspected.

I don't know how to operate this computer.

I know Alejandro Jackson personally.

Rand may have known the answer.

Not a word to anyone, please.

I brought you some more books to read.

Don't cross your arms. It makes you seem defensive.

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I can't believe he's Maria.

While he likes English, he is weak in mathematics.

Shall I send a few books for her?

We used to live here.

That probably cost less than a dollar.

The birds' home is in the forest, the fish's home is in the river, the bees' home is in the flowers, and the little children's is in China. We love our motherland from the time we're little, as the birds love the forest, the fish love the river, and the bees love the flowers.

I take care of people.

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Kikki hates Agatha.

The book was published posthumously.

She's a cat lover.

Jianyun told Brodie that she had a nice smile.

I hear you've been offered the job.

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I couldn't do anything about it.


I didn't know how to do it.

Our meeting was quite accidental.

Harv knows all the tricks of the trade.


Francois has still not heard from Hugh.

I couldn't do anything for Gunter.

Look after the cat while I'm away.


What, you having bread again? I see you're still leading the same thrilling dietary life as ever.

The man entered the next room.

Do you really want that on your conscience?


Are we going to succeed?

Naresh showed us his photo album.

Amigo entered the empty room and immediately noticed a lit cigarette in the ashtray.

Who has found a lost dog?

Shankar came here to help.

This year we had more snow than last year.

Does my bum look big in this?


It's impossible to eat soup with a fork.

They were all waiting for me to say something.

Her English is perfect.