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Crafted Software develop and sell a variety of innovative software.
Our primary business is software for automation, data logging and design software.

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Signal Scribe
Signal Scribe

Data logging software & hardware. SignalScribe has been adopted for logging:
* Equine ReinTension
* Equine respiratory function
* Animal motion
* Environmental monitoring

Solar Sailor

Crafted Software provides automation and control software for Solar Sailor on their hybrid sail systems.

* Solar sail software & control for Suntech ferry, Shanghai 2010
* Solar Sails software, control & electrical for HKJC ferry, Hong Kong 2011

Suzann Victor

Suzann Victor is a leading Singapore artist who resides in Australia.

Crafted Software has provided the engineering and embedded intelligence for the following projects:

* Contours of a Rich Manoeuvre 2006, NMS, Singapore
* Contours of a Rich Manoeuvre 2006, 6th Gwangju Biennale, Korea
* Contours of a Rich Manoeuvre 2006, 10th Adelaide Biennale, National Gallery of South Australia
* Contours of a Rich Manoeuvre 2007, ZKM Centre for Art and Media, Germany
* Contours of a Rich Manoeuvre 2008, Relaunch of Casula Powerhouse, Casula
* Expense of Spirit in a Waste of Shame, 5th Seoul International Media Art Biennale, South Korea
* Panoramic Matrix 2009, Meritus Mandarin Hotel, Singapore
* Wave Matrix 2011, Banyan Tree Hotel, Macau
* Chinese Crystal Screen 2011, Presidential suite, Banyan Tree Hotel, Macau
* Venice Series Edition II 2012, Bejing
* Rainbow Circle 2013, Singapore
* Solar Seats 2013, Singapore
* Venice Series Edition II 2014, Korea
* Contours of a Rich Manoeuvre 2014, Linz, Austria
* Contours of a Rich Manoeuvre 2015, Art Stage, Singapore

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StitchCraft is the world's leading Windows software for designing Cross Stitch, Tapestry, Rug Hooking and any other grid-based needlework.
StitchCraft's many great features, including photo conversion, make it the first choice for the home needlework enthusiast to top professional Cross Stitch and Tapestry designers and publishers world-wide.
Mosaic Designer

Mosaic is the World's leading Windows software for Tile Mosaic designing. No matter how simple or complex your Tile designs are there is an Edition of Mosaic that will suit your requirements. Design your own bathroom, kitchen, pool, or convert a favorite photo or picture into a unique tile design.
Mosaic makes designing with tiles quick and easy!
Photo Stitch

Photo Stitch is a great program that allows you to make your own photos into ready to sew designs quickly and easily. New versions of this program are no longer distributed however current users are still supported.

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