Clark is in the other room getting dressed.

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Do you have disposition to obesity?


He stood stock still.

He is my only passion in life.

Cancer is not one but more than one hundred distinct diseases.

Her villa sits on the hill.

Please buy a tube of toothpaste.

Srinivas comes from a very small town.

Slighty overweight girls would look cuter if they lost a little weight.

What are your predictions?

If they had offered you the job, would you have accepted it?

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Linda and Ning hated one another.


You can't go home now.

If you have a car, you can come and go at will.

You can swim, but I can't.

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This pleased them worst of all.

Dan didn't even offer to help Linda.

I taste, eat and drink with my mouth.


I have nothing else to do.


Women share everything.

You are not allowed to park there. They are going to make you pay a fine.

Ian doesn't have a chance.


The time has come for mankind to put an end to the madness and immorality of the arms race.

It isn't far from here.

Could you tell me?


The two teams fought very hard.

Cliff and only Douglas really knows what happened.

They entered into conversation.

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I don't sing to them.


This is the same dictionary as I lost.


I didn't forget you.

That was interesting to me.

The bottles were stopped with corks.

That was so good.

We finished today.


I believe it's time to wake Robert up.

Chuck could still be alive somewhere.

She's obsessed with the Harry Potter books.

I have some questions I'd like to ask.

Travis doesn't want to talk to you now.


Combat soldiers during peaceful moments like to reminisce of their halcyon days.

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I'm not going to talk to you.


Robin explained it in detail, but I still don't understand it.

Liza met Kyle in the park on his way home from work.

She is quite coquettish.

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Sho doesn't believe that.

Kolkka saw a large bird.

Why is potassium permanganate purple?

I never called them idiots.

What does the bill come to?

I had no idea there were so many people in the other room.

Bad comes.

To act without excepting or asking for anything in return.

All I want is a chance to apologize.

Today is my second day of my side job.

This is the first time I've ever connected to the Internet in the country.

Hirotoshi took a picture of his old camera with his new camera.

I care about that.


You two should have a lot in common.


A stroller has been left in front of the store.

This is a canine tooth.

You'll have to ask somebody else.


Raghu bought some rope to use as a clothesline.

We walked a lot.

Adlai asked Emily when the last time she had bought a book was.


This book deals with life in the United Kingdom.

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Everybody laughed except you.

She pressured him to quit.

I have lots of ideas.


They arrived too soon.

The game consists of staying the longest possible time without moving.

An atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

You're safer where you are.

I want to know about them.


I'm through with Earnie.

Sehyo crushed the box.

I can hardly walk.

Rogue's carrying something in his left hand.

Everybody blows it once in a while. It's better not to obsess on it.

Leave it to me.

Several militants were killed.


Brett should be in school.

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You've been a good friend.


No one else was hurt.

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I took him aside.

Amy was impeccably dressed and well prepared for his job interview with the finance company.

Manual labor is necessary in this company.


This isn't journalism; this is trash.

I love it!

The boys each received two and a half apples.

Jack of all trades, and master of none.

How do I know this isn't another one of your tricks?

How are we going to get out of here?

Lawrence bought a bottle of cheap wine.

Just relax a minute.

Natalia and Veronica looked at each other with complicity.

I don't feel sorry for Gill.

How can you speak such flawless German?

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I said leave him alone.


She grabbed her purse and left.

I began to protest.

The students answered in order.

See everyone in two months.

Niels jumped into the bushes.

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This is a very good friend of mine.

How about starting again from the very beginning?

In the absence of her mother, she looks after her sister.

Police continued their investigation.

Tricia is only making believe that he doesn't know.

Bruno goes to church every Sunday.

Brenda fired the pistol three times.

Do I get to eat my dessert now?

He is an excellent piano player. In addition, he is a good singer and a very good dancer.


We'll take this nice and easy.

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I love speaking Spanish.

She said that I should quit smoking.

Can you watch Shahid?

The fire caused extensive damage.

I wonder if the first week or so of July is too early to go to the beach.

When did you get up this morning?

Mold grew on the boots.

Non-verbal communication is just as important as what is actually said.

Do you not like girls?

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Naomi was embarrassed when he took his shirt off in front of Ron for the first time, because he had his ex's name tatooed on his chest.

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She is not as pretty as her sister.

Are you ready to go back?

I'm wasting my time.

I don't have any children.

I hate fanatics.


No one can guess what he's thinking now.

Arnold told Walt that he wouldn't be doing anything dangerous.

Kenn told me that I should drop by sometime for a visit.

I heard that Conrad is sick.

I never thought we would actually do this.

My view is different from his as to what should be done.

This is my car.


"Chill down, fatty." "Don't call me an idiot!"

I knew him very well.

Barney wants to be useful.

You have to start.

We've all done things we're not proud of.


A parrot can mimic a person's voice.

The policeman blew his whistle for the car to stop.

Do you think Hirofumi still has many friends left in Boston?

Please be brief.

Fast forward to the part where they're kissing.

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He ordered three dinners.

How large was the judgment against you?

It took us a long time to decide which one to buy.


They went to the bus stop, and the bus took off.

He struck a match, but quickly put it out.

I have a strange problem.

The festival was not well organised.

How is Morris different?

Benjamin often eats beans, rice, potatoes or pasta.

"You're not my real sister. You were adopted." "That's not true!"

Can I get another cup of coffee?

Miek makes a good jambalaya.