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"Except" means to leave out something while "accept" means to receive something.

Be ready to help a friend.

If you don't have anything positive to say, don't say anything.

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There was a sudden change of plan.

It looked funny.

He cleansed the wound before putting on a bandage.

Here is our guarantee.

I'd like to get a refund.

She didn't even try to help.

Education in this world disappoints me.


Why did you say that to Catherine?

It might be a bit big but this envelope will do just fine. It's better to be too big than too small.

We must try our best lest we should lose the next game.

Please ring him up.

Get out of the bitter barn and play in the hay.

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Cathy waited for me.

The teacher told Lloyd his essay was well written.

In 1543, the Polish monk Nicolaus Copernicus suggested that the Sun was at the center of the universe.


Deborah got his way.

Line up and walk to the door in order.

I suggest you avoid asking Christie that question.

The road is inadequate for the amount of traffic which it carries.

"Where's your snake?" "Oh, I don't know. I haven't seen him for a few days. I think he's hiding somewhere."


You're early.

I've gained three kilos.

I wondered when I'd see you again.

No one knows we're here.

The teams are coming onto the field.

I don't think that's anybody I know.

They elected Mr Tanaka captain of the team.


The telecommunications market is totally up for grabs.

He was smiling as if nothing had happened to him.

He knew how to put his ideas across.

Casey is ready.

I don't want to live with you anymore.


Ro would've done the same thing I did.

When you get married and have kids, you'll realize that actions speak louder than words.

There are many parks in Boston.

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Don't worry, it will be nice.

I met them earlier this morning.

Everyone is being tested.


The people deprived him of his rights.

We'll miss them a lot.

Robin insulted Ravi and her husband.

Loren likes to wear loose-fitting clothes.

I had my hair cut at a barber's shop.


Say something about this.


I am afraid to go.

I did everything I could to obtain this price.

I love you anyway!

She ordered the book from England.

I'm a little concerned.


I'd like to see him tomorrow afternoon.

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Who's your favorite fictional character?

I'm partial to grappling, honestly.

I'm going to wax my car tomorrow afternoon.

How happy I am today!

We need a fresh supply of tennis balls.


Kenneth has a ranch.

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Sharon wasn't able to find a babysitter on such short notice.

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I want to buy a new car.

She is never on time.

Could you tell me the way?


Today the society of Russia clearly lacks spiritual ties.


My boyfriend is possessive.

They seem to be photographs.

Will you take me there?

He forgot her name.

Are you interrogating me?

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Margaret is a formidable opponent.


Alexis is a member of a motor enthusiasts' club.

I don't know what possessed me to do that.

We should appeal to reason instead of resorting to violence.

I cannot take a rest at the office. I don't want the manager to see me.

Becky had taught me the exact opposite.

Hirofumi likes girls.

They told me it was your fault.

I'm sure they'll come back for us.

Konrad hadn't washed dishes in a week, so the sink was full of dirty dishes.

Open the curtains and let the sunshine in.

The field was white as far as the eye could see.

Please tell Ro I'll pick him up at the station.

We're not bad people, Samuel.

Kriton is a popular actress.

He's in the zone.

I have been writing since two o'clock without a break.

Mum! Don't compare me with Sam!


You are expecting too much of her.

She rents the room to a student for seventy thousand yen a month.

Holly's iPhone was stolen by a thief.

Let's be clear.

It was a very hard training.

Gregge taught Helge how to drive.

I love to travel.


That was Spock's personal opinion.


Let it be a sweet sound in your ears.

He has western books the like of which you can't get in Japan.

How about another piece of cake?

It won't make any difference whichever you choose.

Just like you want it to.

Innocent people are dying without anyfavourable outcome in sight.

The ship was ready to sink any time.

Smoking is permitted.

Pratap used to be in a relationship with Wendy.


Lois was a real estate agent.

This laptop is light.

That she grew up in America is well-known.

I refuse to accept it.

Bob, help me carry his luggage to the living room.

Did I ask your opinion?

I wish I could buy you everything you wanted.

The deal is done.

The place is worth visiting at least once.


I dream every night.

Why do they do this?

German classes are held twice a week - on Mondays and Wednesdays.

How lovely!

Look, just call me.

We hope for better weather.

Did you actually talk to Elsa?

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I wonder what I will do once I get home.

Don't talk about it in my mother's presence.

E-mail was supposed to transform the way people communicate.


Dan met Linda outside.


This book is hers.

I can't necessarily agree with you on that point.

I thought he was joking.


I suppose you don't watch very much television, right?

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We can play with language.

Where is an American restaurant?

I think I'm really sick.

Home sweet home.

You're so wrong to not be in China.


Hey, wait a minute. Where do you think you're going?


That suit you bought was a good choice.

I wouldn't like to be in his position, for all his wealth.

She stayed at the hotel for several days.

Who was the last person to speak with Mahmoud?

This is a silly example, i.e. it exemplifies something silly.

The child who delights in her jack-in-the-box may have been terrified the first time the puppet-on-a-spring popped out.

Stephen doesn't care what happens tomorrow.

May I have some water?

Things are complicated.


How can you be this pessimistic?


Monty became a pastor.

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I don't have time to do the laundry.


I agree with you completely.

Lloyd probably thought I was going to be at today's meeting.

May I have your attention?

Marian won't listen to me.

This is the same watch as I have lost.

You mustn't require what is impossible.

I think I could handle doing that.

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You're reasonable.

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You really need to see this.


I don't speak Bosnian.


I'm not as attentive as I should be.

The doctor told me to avoid certain foods.

I will never make that mistake again.