This is me

Hello I'm Blitzo and ❤ to help you on your Server.
Take a look to the Commands if you'd like to know what I can do


Command Description Permission
!invite sends you the invite-link for blitzo! none
!user @user Sends you a lot of informations about the mentioned user! none
!server Shows you a few informations about the Server! none
!vote create Question | Answer 1 | Answer 2 (Up to 9) Create a vote where everyone can vote with reactions! none
!vote close Close an open vote! Vote creator or Message Menage
!stats Shows you my Stats! none
!shard Shows you some information about your shard! none
!notes add Note Add a note to your Discord profile, only you can bring the bot to send your notes! none
!notes show Shows your notes! none
!notes remove Remove a note none
!afk true/false If you aktivate this, I will write, that you're afk when someone mention you! none
!ping Shows the ping to the API! none
none put this emote 🅿 in a channel name to allow everyone whi joine this channel to create user channels! channel Manage
!user-channel-add @user Add someone to your user-channel! none
!user-channel-request @user Ask someone to join his/her user-channel none
Command Description Permission
!ftns pc/xbl/psn name Shows your Fortnite Stats. none
!say Your text Bot write what you've written. none
!letmesay Your text Let you write what you've written with a bot tag behind your name! none
!qr Blitzo Generates a qr code with your content! none
!rip Blitzo Generates a tombstone picture with you content! none
!ascii Blitzo Converts the content to ascii! none
Command Description Permission
!report @user reason Report a user and the report will be send to the Server Team! none
!clear 2-100 Deletes the number of messages you entered! Message Manage
!clear all Delets all messages in the channel where you entered the command! Message Manage
!mute @user Mutes the mentioned User! Message Manage and Mute others
!unmute @user Unmutes the mentioned User! Message Manage and Mute others
!ban @user Bans all mentioned members! ban members
Command Description Permission
!selfrole add @role Add a role that can give your memvers to theirself with reactions! Up to 9 allowed Manage Roles
!selfrole remove Remove a selfrole/ all selfroles Manage roles
!setprefix prefix Change my Prefix for this Server Administrator
!autorole add @role Add a role that I automatically add to joining members! Manage Roles
!autorole remove @role Remove the autorole Manage Roles
!reportchannelset #channel Set the channel, where the reports fron !report wil send in Than you can approve/decline the reports! Message Manage
!welcome-channel add Sets a text-channel where the bot is going to send welcome messages if a user joines this server! Message Manage
!welcome-channel remove Removes the welome-channel! Message Manage
none Put this emote ⏬ anywhere in a voice-channel-name and if you join it the, the channel will be cloned, the bot moves you in the cloned channel and gives you the rights to rename the channel Channels Manage
Musik Funktion (Beta!):
Command Description Usage Permission
m disable/enable disables/enables the music function on this server! !m disable or !m enable Administrator
m play Type a song/a link behind it and the bot will play it! !m play none
m skip Skips to the next Song! !m skip none
m stop Clears the complete queue! !m stop none
m queue Shows you the list of following Songs! !m queue none
m repeat10 (BETA) Deletes the queue and repeats the actual song 10 times! !m repeat10 (BETA) none
m now Shows you information about the actual song! !m now none
m cp Sends you the music-control panel! !m cp none



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