UHV Stepper Motor, Ion Gauge & Vacuum Measurement Specialists

Arun Microelectronics (AML) specialise in the manufacture of ultra high vacuum (UHV) instrumentation and in-vacuum motion systems. The company is a leading global manufacturer of the Bayard Alpert Ion Gauge, UHV gauge controllers and UHV stepper motors for industrial, scientific and R&D applications.

The AML product range also covers UHV accessories & UHV mechanisms, including in-vacuum connectors & cables, feedthroughs, polyimide coated wire & thermocouples, vacuum stages, goniometers and titanium sublimation pump controllers. We also offer a comprehensive maintenance and repair service.

Our vacuum measurement products are based on a foundation of manufacturing excellence and we are fully committed to delivering quality products and superior customer service effectively, efficiently and consistently to our UK and international customers.

Established in 1981 Arun Microelectronics is a privately owned company based in West Sussex, England. Operating from modern premises situated alongside the River Arun, in view of the Norman castle and cathedral of the historic town of Arundel.

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Arun Microelectronics specialise in the manufacture of UHV instrumentation including in-vacuum motion systems, Bayard Alpert UHV vacuum gauges, UHV ion gauge controllers and...



AML provide a comprehensive repair service for our out of warranty equipment. Please email northwestwards to obtain a RMA (Return Material Authorisation) number, detailing the...

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Featured Products

  Ion Gauge Controller

Ion Gauge Controller

NGC2D Ion Gauge process controller.  Simultaneous control of Ionisation, Pirani and Capacitance Manometer vacuum gauges. Four internal, assignable power relays and RS-232 interface

  Ion Gauges


Nude Bayard-Alpert ion gauges covering the vacuum range 1x10-3 to 3x10-11 mbar.

  UHV Stepper Motors

(250) 286-8179

Ultra High Vacuum stepper motors. Available in a range of sizes with torque ratings from 70mNm to 800mNm.

  Stepper Motor Controller


SMD210 Stepper motor controller specifically designed to match AML motors

Our product range also includes:

  • In-vacuum connectors and cables
  • Feedthroughs
  • Polyimide-coated wire and thermocouples
  • Vacuum stages
  • Goniometers
  • Titanium sublimation pump controllers