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Score Some Text

Copy and paste text to measure its readability. The most accurate readability assessment online!

Start Scoring Text

Score a URL can measure the readability of a URL.

Start Scoring URLs

Score a File can measure the readability of Word docs, PDFs, ebooks and more.


Alerts can monitor the word count, sentiment and readability of your web pages.


Readability API includes an API to enable you to include readability scoring in your own software.


Integrations plugs in to various other systems like Dropbox and Slack.

Use Everywhere

Free Tools

Dale-Chall Word Analyzer

Find all of the words in your text which are not on the Dale-Chall word list.

Run Dale-Chall Analysis

Spache Word Analyzer

Find all of the words in your text which are not on the Spache word list.


Ogden Word Analyzer

Find all of the words in your text which are not on the Ogden word list.

Run Ogden Analysis

Case Converter

Left the caps lock on? Want to alternate caps to frustrate your enemies? Use our case converter!

Case Converter

Buzzword Detector

Had enough of cloud synergy empowerment? Identify and replace buzzwords in your content!


Hedge Word Detector

Make your content bolder and more compelling by removing hedge words.

Hedge Word Detector

Keyword Density

Check your copy is search-friendly by making sure your content includes the right keywords in the right numbers.


Gender Analyzer

Looking to make sure your content has a consistent voice? Our gender analyzer might be able to help.

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    Read 5 tips for writing a readable resume


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