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January In Review

January was an eventful month. I started the year knowing that I wanted to achieve more in 2017 than I did last year, but I hadn’t figured out what that meant. I started the website and set myself some very ambitious goals for some of which I’ve begun to make progress. Most importantly, I have a clear idea of what I want to achieve this year and, for the most part, have a good idea of what I need to

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Deliberate practice and how I intend to use it

Earlier this week, I published ten ambitious objectives that I’ll be working toward this year. For a few of them, there is a very straightforward strategy for reaching the goals I set. Reading 100 books this year requires merely setting enough time aside to read 100 books and having 100 books that I wish to read. That is about as straightforward as it gets. Just do the thing I set out to do. Sure, that’s fine for reading books, but

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Obviously, I can’t be entirely certain of the future. There are too many events to begin to list that could derail my plans and prevent me from completing these goals BUT being confident about achieving them is far more important to stay motivated and on track. The ten goals are broadly broken down by entrepreneurial, educational, physical, and linguistic achievements. I wouldn’t call these new year’s resolutions. They are annual objectives (even if that is merely a semantic distinction). The

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Who am I and what am I doing here?

These two questions are perhaps the most profound I could attempt to answer let alone as the subject of the first post on this site. I don’t intend to tackle the underlying existential nature of these questions but rather explain my motivation for creating this website. My name is Ed, and I’m an entrepreneur. It feels a bit odd stating that. In our age of internet startups and company acquisitions that involve exchanging assets equivalent to the GDP of entire

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