Tao thinks she's beautiful.

Are you angry because of what I said?

The meeting room is occupied at the moment.

Rahul doesn't have to work today.

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Joseph fell into a deep sleep.


I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave.

We have no electricity.

We haven't had any major accidents.

How do you study Esperanto?

Can I get some help here?


He transformed his small family business into a highly profitable company with more than 200 employees.

You should've seen what happened.

She almost said "I don't know".

I like the color of this car.

Izchak is asking us to help him.

How high is this mountain?

Did you get permission to park here?

You should've told me you needed money.

I thought you might like to talk.

I'm not sure Fay would want Albert to kiss him.

Earl looks as though he's about to cry.

The pilaf with meat is eight yuan. The vegetarian pilaf is only four yuan.

Who doesn't want love and affection?

But, there were deep green patches in the growing corn at first, that people looked at awfully.

She supposed me to be a doctor.

Do you know what you should do?

What does Boyle's law state?

I don't accept your arguments.

My mother is a nurse.

They look rather fake.

Workers of the world - unite!

The opposition party is still harping on the scandal.

She wove the grass into a box.

Scientists began to find answers to these questions.

You look just like him.

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?

I deal with those kinds of problems every day.

This place is huge.

Misfortunes always come in threes.

I have some things to do.

Do you really think it's impossible?

We must stop incitement of the weak.

Has anyone seen my keys?

Amir just got a haircut.

She didn't see a thing.


I want to die laughing.

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She loves her puppy, and the puppy is really lovable.


The ship rolled from side to side in the storm.


Let's go out unless it rains.

Their argument seemed endless.

Japanese young people like rock and jazz.

You may make use of his library.

I want you to take me to him.

I know a faster way to get there.

Liyuan stumbled and fell.

I'm sure I lost at least 3 kilos this week.

I think it's going to get steadily hotter from now.

I wanted to retire three years ago.

When compared to Paris, London is large.

What are you going to wear to the party?

We lost Straka.


I love Jaime's hair.

Jussi threw the baseball to Lucius and she caught it.

Americans who love sushi are not in short supply.

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Do you have a pair of tweezers?

This is so random.

We've all become communists.

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I'm tired of hearing your boastful tales.

Are you going to be on vacation tomorrow?

We took turns telling tales of strange happenings.

Suwandi doesn't want to hang out with us.

This kind of mistake is easy to overlook.


How long has George worked there?


I can see you are having an awesome time.

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This probably can be fixed.

As if you actually wrote this book!

The rumor has no foundation.

What's your favorite baseball team?

Do you need any more help?

There is a crater on the Moon named after Albert Einstein.

I'm thinking about going on a trip.

Art made the announcement Monday.

Jill sends his regards from the other side.


Soldiers began to come home and find peacetime jobs.

Jin is the chairman of the board.

Either Jim or I have to tell her about it.


Tell him the problem is solved.

I agreed with Joon.

Thank you for approving my join request.

Two nurses are attending her.

I'm involved with someone.


No one's around.


I know you don't want to hear what I'm about to say.


We drank soju at the karaoke bar.

Do you think you can take me?

This story has an unhappy ending.

She always interferes with him.

Jean-Christophe surprised Marshall with a kiss.

Come home at six.

Did you ever date her?

I wanted to steal it.

We haven't yet finished what we have to do.

I believe that the world has many serious problems.

My arms went numb.

Was it a dream?

Let's go down the stairs slowly.


Amanda has a beer belly.

If you disguise yourself, they won't be able to tell.

I got a takeout salad for lunch.



I can't shake the feeling that there's someone else in the house with us.

That would've been entertaining.


Wait a minute, Arthur!

I would die for him.

He got what was coming to him.

He lived alone in the countryside.

I asked them to come see me.

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The soldiers solemnly draped the flag over the coffin.

It's Saturday night.

Johann is difficult to work with.


Drop in at my house any time you want.

He has a nice body.

I thought about it a lot.


I need a word with Pilot.

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This is all your fault. So, you'd better just shut up.

Lonhyn took the first flight out this morning.

Are we just friends?

Was anybody hurt?

Was that the girl who was looking at you?

When she came to Berlin to study, she was still very young.

This is international common sense, the great principle of resource management.

A beam of sunlight came through the clouds.

I promised Ozan I wouldn't tell anyone.

You can do it any way you like.

Tony said he'd kill you.

He never touches alcoholic drinks.

When it is darkest, men see the stars.

Irfan was looking forward to going to a movie with Dannie.

Excuse me. What time is it?


He's ten years older than you.

I'm allergic to synthetic rubber.

I'd better warn them.

She had an affair with her boss.

Hope is a good thing as long as it doesn't stop someone from doing what's necessary.

If defective in structure, they are perfect in function.

I am tired of doing the same things every day.


Can you deliver that?

I love lasagna.

I know what you told me.


We already looked over there.

I wonder if this man is your friend?

I will not go by tomorrow.

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Roxanne is far better today than he was yesterday.

The first and second volumes are available online.

He drank a lot yesterday.


Limited research suggests that listening to music can benefit people who have Alzheimer's disease in various ways.

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He has come down in the world.

Come with all possible speed.

Samir was busy, so he couldn't help us.

Do I have to open the window?

Mysore is a little nervous.

Get them some water.

Your wish is my command.


What to do!

I haven't heard from him these several months.

I'm always stressed out.

Where did you take this information?

Kim showed her breasts.