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They say the best thing about not planning is that failure comes as a complete surprise.

At TAI, we want to avoid those kinds of surprises. We facilitate successful implementations through our planning service which includes requirements gathering â€” both business and functional — scoping and ROI, CRM selection, and CRM strategic planning.

Starting with a plan for your CRM implementation puts you on the path to success.

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How you implement your CRM varies based on the features you are going to implement and the size of the implementation.  That is why TAI has three different implementation strategies.  One designed for small out-of-box implementations, one for medium companies or companies that are planning a large number of integrations, and one for enterprise organizations with a large number of CRM users and complex features.

When it’s time to roll out your new system, TAI is ready with an implementation plan. We’ve mastered the art of software implementation to get your team up-and-running faster. We’ll help you choose one of our three distinct approaches to software implementation by pinpointing what’s ideal for your business and budget. No more frustration. No more stalled software adoption. No more confusion.

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All projects have risks. Project management lowers your risks by safeguarding your software transition with actionable strategies to assess progress, plan training, and anticipate obstacles.

TAI works with you to set goals and objectives for your new software. Statements of work, project charters, calendars, and project plans help define project roles and clarify which tasks should be included in which phase. As the project evolves, we assess the progression with weekly status reports, action logs, and issue lists. If any changes are needed, we document them using project change requests, so all parties are aware of what is happening and why.

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Poor user adoption is one of the primary reasons CRM implementations fail. At TAI, we believe that proper training is crucial for avoiding this failure. First, you must understand your users. Are they tech-savvy or slower to adapt? Almost every company will have a few employees who are afraid of change. That’s why we seek out potential risks and make sure we design a solution that meets everyone’s needs.

Our trainers have deep knowledge of CRM functionality and can train your staff according to learning style and skill level. TAI offers training remotely, on-site, or in-person at our Chicago area training facility.

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People aren’t always perfect, and neither is software. Somewhere down the line, one of them is going to run into an obstacle. If an issue arises, don’t panic. Technology Advisors has a software Help Desk that can be reached via email, customer portal, or phone (depending on your support plan). We’ll help you work through your issue and direct you to the resources you need to resolve it.

As your software adoption evolves, consider our Continuous Improvement model to prevent reoccurring issues and keep your software running smoothly.

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Working on a large CRM project? Need a dedicated, skilled professional to help? TAI can provide the resource you’re looking for. We’ll assign a specialist to work full-time on your CRM project for however long you need (minimum hours required). Whether you’re customizing your SugarCRM, bpm'online, Infor CRM, or other type of CRM instance, Technology Advisors will give you the expert staff to get it done.

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The two best things about dealing with Technology Advisors are getting expert answers immediately, and finding creative technical solutions to problems that get in the way of growing a company.
Phil Troy, Founder & CEO, ComplyNet Corp.
I would absolutely work with TAI again. Their patience and guidance allowed us to successfully deploy, even during our busy season.
Peter Nelson, VP of Sales & Marketing, LabSource
It’s one thing to implement the tool, but the ongoing support that I received from TAI was instrumental. The level of support, the responsiveness, has made me look back and think that I’ve made the right decision with this tool. It’s been the same way for my team — that support has led to the success of this implementation.
Linda Stanko, National Director, Marketing & Inside Sales, ReCept Pharmacy
We’ve been with TAI from the very start. Their guidance and expertise has been instrumental in our success with SugarCRM.
Tom Brentlinger, Sales & Marketing, C&M Conveyor, Inc.
Working with Technology Advisors helped us get out CRM design project back on track when it was going off the rails. Their expert staff are an incredible resource as we strive to continually improve and streamline our CRM operations
Robin Pollak, Journeys International
They are professional; they accommodated our inexperience. While [my colleague] and I were dedicated and project managed, we were novices. TAI was patient and provided us some time to climb the learning curve.
Lance Heap, Vice President, Exile Technologies
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