He went again.

I never expected your support.

She greeted him cheerfully as she always did.

If you cannot catch a bird of paradise, better take a wet hen.

Get moving.

How many years have you been married?

I had a headache.

When will you graduate?

Harmon said Pete told him that.


See you on Monday.

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Vick put on his blinker.

Timo said nothing wrong.

Arnold tried to guess Marcel's weight.

We have a lot of catching up to do.

Life here is much easier than it used to be.

She frantically dialled 911.

The results were shocking.

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Is there any cold water?

Are you sure you're well enough to work?

The thieves divvied up the proceeds from their heist.

That old man must be insane.

They returned the shirts because they were too small.

I don't want them to hate me.

I tried to get Sanjib to come.

This ancient table is still in use.

"The semantic subject of this sentence is 'this sentence,' but its grammatical subject is 'the semantic subject of this sentence'" is an example of a sentence benefitting from punctuation.

What do you think the best way to lose weight is?

It doesn't take a lot.


Why didn't you tell us there was a witness?


I don't want to be your friend.

I think I can help with that.

Ann and I go cycling together.

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Ugh, the battery just had to die at the worst time.

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They hardly paused.


You can sit wherever you want.

Why don't you just speak directly to Leung?

Look at what's become of me!


He brought her dog to school.

They watched spaghetti westerns all night.

Please lock the door before you go out.

I'll turn it over to Catherine.

I hear you've got a new girlfriend.


Love makes you blind.

I'm going to cut down on meat.

He seems like quite a find.

Do one.

It was necessary to set the fuse.

How is your first name pronounced?

Internet is a vast network connecting innumerable computers on a world scale.

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What you said left a deep impression on me.

The captain ordered his men to gather at once.

New York is the biggest city in the world.

"Can I borrow your socks?" "No."

It is great improvement as compared with what it was last year.

I'll write a letter to Clifford.

I told myself that was a good idea.

Please do not touch.

Stay where you are. I'm on my way.

I even wrote a letter to them.

Why did you help him escape?


"Have you been crying?" "Yes, my eyes are all red."


Job rotation is essential to running a business.

Close the door, please.

His grandmother can't see, can she?


I'll see Dwayne later this afternoon.

Stevan scared me.

He is the love of my life.

We don't have sugar.

The kitchen was clean.

Could I have a second with them?

I think Sergeant is charming.

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We couldn't find it.

If you don't leave now, they'll kill you.

This is the first time I've ever plowed this land.

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Ask around.


I can be good.

Toft passed away in 2013.

He's thinking of selling his house.


I'll visit you on Sunday, if I don't write you to the contrary.

I think I know who it might've been.

There is a casanova in my jar.

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I was happy that for the first time in a while, I got to talk with someone I had missed.


We are the pioneers of this new branch of science.

Roses are beautiful.

I haven't my dictionary at hand.


I was just playing for time.

Dinner was delicious.

Agatha wrote this three weeks ago.

You will have nothing to drink but water.

Do you believe in prophecy?

Donovan made a stupid decision.

Is there a problem with your hearing?

She returned quickly.

Hurf told Ernest to mow the lawn.


They are so skinny.

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What did you drink?


Vishal was very funny.

The girl buys milk at the market.

A unicycle has only one wheel.

The least you could do is to answer me.

You'll have to do that somewhere else.

Pascal has signed a confession.

I wanted to wash my hair this morning, but we've run out of shampoo.

They like to wear bright colors.

I wish Polly would depend on me more.


Roberto was wearing a green swimsuit.

Can I call my friend in Japan?

I can't remember very much.


Don't risk your health by over drinking.

As new competitors and predators arrive, even the most abundant Arctic species in the northern Barents Sea, the local Polar cod, could become extinct.

Your troubles are just beginning.

It's my only chance.

Vladimir wanted to travel around the world.


Claudio didn't want to go to the circus with Clark.

Hi there!

Anderson is interested in ancient Egyptian history.

Chip got wet to the skin and caught cold.

Rice does not like moisture. Be sure to store it well.

I think we should ask Rik why he left his last job.

I feel different after I've been in Frederic's house, like a portion of my mind that was previously busy finding ways for me to enjoy myself when I didn't have to be working is now fully focused on thinking about stoats all day long, and indeed I find that much more efficient, for stoats entertain me now every moment without fail.


She knows guns.

They make used cooking oil into soap at that factory.

Tandy doesn't wear pajamas. He sleeps naked.

Shean finished in last place.

Jack came to Boston in 2013.

Why are we wasting time here?

I took pity on her and lent her the money.

Vishal is probably over thirty.

Don't try to blame this on her.


We planned a party for them.

Foreign investors backed off because of regional political unrest.

What don't you like about your family?

I've converted all the audio files to MP3 files.

Even if you're really going through hard times, a good friend can improve your spirits.

Gale is helping Amir get ready for the party.

It was from him.

She'll rip my head off.

The law is the same for everyone.

Roderick never really wanted to be here.

You have to stay quiet.

I had him take my suitcase to the room.

Some astrologers believe that we entered the Age of Aquarius in the 20th century, while others think that we will have to wait until the 24th century.

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Did I do something to make Terrance mad at me?

Hydrogen is the lightest element.

I wish nothing but the best for you.

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All life support systems have been severely damaged.


Wealth does not always bring us happiness.

Why exactly would you want to do that?

She invited me to dinner.

What a dope!

Lui has been arrested.

Excuse me for opening your letter by mistake.

She was left in the sun too long.

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In my garden many trees are bearing fruit.

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Sorry, Jorge! I didn't see you!

I can't find the equation.

My boss made me work overtime.

I'll never listen to them again.

The baggage is insured.


Why doesn't she eat dinner with me anymore?

They're not going to stop.

I objected to paying the bill.


Ami doesn't want to apologize.