Is your watch working?

I don't think this is realistic.

I make a bargain with him over the price.

I wonder if she is married.

She continued writing in her diary until she died.

I have many books.

Russ wanted Philip to help him solve the problem.

I guess I could use a shower.

He awoke to find himself lying on the bed in the hospital.

This town has undergone a rapid change.

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I need solid proof.

The incumbent broker has 10 days to obtain a countermand letter in order to maintain the account.

My wife is Polish.

You should've started earlier.

Protestors rallied in a last-ditch effort to save the medical centre from closing down.

He hunted gulls.

I've got a window that needs boarding up.


Tell me where I am.

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This exercise is easy enough for me to do without help.


Wes is one of Suzanne's childhood friends.

She did not succeed, but after all that was her first attempt.

We had our photo taken on the beach.

Susan hates doing housework, but this morning she's helping her mother in the kitchen.

I thought Sal would be older.

No one can operate this machine.

Introverts need solitude to recover from having to work with extroverts.


We're trying to find an antidote.

We played the game in accordance with the new rules.

What had I better do?

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That didn't take them long.

So characteristic of what a pious Christian would say, this courteous phrase.

They acted surprised.

Do I look like him to you?

That was great.

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Lee actually owns three boats.

Nicholas can't tie his own shoes yet.

I couldn't get away.

Do I need any more crazy people?

Why aren't you hungry?

A husband is what is left of a lover, after the nerve has been extracted.

Wake me up tomorrow at six, please.

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He interfered in our private concerns.

Dorothy is totally disgusted with Margot's behavior.

On getting off the train, he was met by his cousin.

What music do you find interesting?

They're doing it now.

Honzo told me not to tell you.

Miriamne's not ready for that.

Do you think you can come up with that kind of money?

Nancy is having a chat with her friends.

He tore the dress to pieces.

Has Hon tried it?


Something you should know about me is that I spend a lot of time reading.

Mats put the food on the table and told everyone to start eating.

Part got into a fight at school today.


While you're young, you should travel.

Why didn't you help Per escape?

I don't know for certain who he is.

Accidents often result from carelessness.

She works a lot.

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Sales at the company zoomed thanks to brisk export demand, but profit did not keep up because of intense competition.

That's how Revised does it.

Rodger says that he's too busy to fall in love.

Holly asked us several questions.

Which do you think is the best solution?

This book is not for sale.

She missed the morning service.

What are you hiding?

His family is very large.

He's new in town.

Hirotoshi put the spare tire in the trunk of his car.

We'll topple this dictatorship.

Please come.

The cat maimed three squirrels.

Nancy is a capable nurse.

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Matthew asked Valerie to drive John to the airport.

The pilot is 30 years old.

Doing something only half-heartedly is the worst thing you can do.

Have you finished your Duolingo tree yet?

My car was wrecked in the crash.

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"I have a terrible tooth-ache." "You'd better see a dentist at once."

The parts are connected by an iron rod.

Terrence isn't wearing socks.


He arrived at the age of 40.

I could stay with you.

Damn you, you always have good luck!

Neither she nor you will forget what has happened.

It is necessary for you to think about your life.

Some important papers are missing from the files.

After her first date with Ravindranath, Grace was distracted all day, couldn't concentrate on her classes and didn't feel hungry.

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He fishes in a mountain stream.


This is one BORING movie! Wow!

Is your dad here?

Send my greetings to your wife.

I'm easygoing.

The wind roared and shouted around the house, and the snow fell steadily half the year, so that the summers never melted it away till winter came again.

Gerard doesn't really want to go with us.

He knows how to fish with a fishing rod.


Kristi never gets into argument without losing his temper.

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He showed us some pictures.

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You are fucked, my friend.


Plants take in water from the soil.

How is her surname pronounced?

He put on his gloves.


Bernie is very likely to be late.


I cannot tell which is the right side of this paper.


Generally speaking, women live longer than men by almost ten years.


We're still not allowed to visit Jill.

Everyone wants what they can't have.

That's where I can't agree with you.

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Eddy might not be in Boston now.

We must do this again soon.

Actually, I am poor at talking.

To make matters worse, it began to thunder fiercely.

Margaret has a talent for music.


I'm going to do you a big favor.


I intended to hand the paper to him, but I forgot to.


We dance along the street.

He never goes out after dark.

What was the weather report?


The coach was waiting for the players to swim.


She had a stomach ache.

There was a car accident yesterday.

It's been three months since Saad's accident.

The other kids aren't talking.

Take her home.

You're grown up now.

In my village there are about 8 olive presses.

As soon as he finished his work, he went home.

Roxie should definitely start worrying about losing his job.

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Do you talk to your cats?


He is the law.

She shut the door on her finger.

Jimmy is rich enough to do just about anything he wants to do.

I want Jeannette to stop.

That will be better than the factory.

Next time, I'll try harder.

Lila likes to play in the dirt.


Linley was killed by a poison dart fired from a blowgun.

I'm sick.

Why didn't anyone tell me anything about it?

No one would've remembered Jeffie if he hadn't painted his name on the ceiling of the classroom.

I'd like to earn some more money.

Guy put her finger on my lips.

I heard them sobbing.

I have been crying.

Dawson went downtown this afternoon.

I gave him everything.

They were barefoot.


Mike and his sister can speak French, but they can't speak Japanese.

I don't brush their hair.

That's what they do.

I remember those days.

I want to achieve something in life.

It is rather difficult to assemble a watch.

It seems to me that she knows everything.

I bought a suit with two pairs of pants.

In addition to the general curriculum there are tutorials in the essentials of machinery, training is also carried out for skills in and learning how to use the various types of machinery.


It doesn't look like a good place for bargains.

She does all her children's wishes.

I'll just go and get my pen.

I like them, foreign languages.

She competed in the Paralympic Games.

Morris rolled over in his sleep.

They have two daughters.