The computer is undoubtedly a valuable tool.

I saw what you do.

The villages in the Alps are very picturesque.

They wanted to know what happened.

No one will believe No.

He pointed out how important it is to observe the law.

He doesn't seem to be aware of the conflict between my father and me.

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Thad cried as he read Jason's letter.

We gave up the bad habits.

"Can I ask you a question?" "Shoot."

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It seems Stan is very sleepy.

Sometimes gestures are more expressive than speech.

I'll show you exactly where Ethan was.

Liber isn't done yet.

The glitter of the sun hurts my eyes.

I gave them the day off.

I was hoping I'd see her again.

I never saw her.

I knew Matthew had done it.

She plans to break up with her boyfriend.

I know it's time to go, but I want to stay longer.

Teruyuki has lost quite a lot of weight.

he tall me he's feel much bett

Alright! Ten yuan buys five kilos, OK?

Many people go for a walk on the promenade.

She says that she will come tomorrow.

Don't work so much.

The bomb was defused just minutes before it would have exploded.

Three people were rescued.

Give me back my money.

The embassy denied political asylum to foreign refugees.

Why are you making such a big issue out of this?

How does it feel being married to such a beautiful woman?

I'm sure Florian has plans to do that.

There is an urgent need for qualified teachers.

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She lost one of her flesh and blood.

There's a money-back guarantee.

Ji moved away from the ledge.

At school we get a new textbook every month.

Eating smaller portions from smaller plates can help you eat less while not feeling hungry any quicker.


Presley has told me so much about you.


Anne overheard Jinny talking about him.


A bad cold prevented her from attending the class.

What did you do with Josip?

I took his not coming to indicate that he wasn't interested.

Last one out is a rotten egg.

I think you have a problem, Masanao.


Michiel is at least 10 centimeters shorter than Nicolo is.


All is well that ends well.

She's asocial.

To my knowledge, she has not left yet.


Traffic is heavy around here.

Maybe there's a loophole.

My girl loved that sparrow more than her own eyes.

Love sees no faults.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose.

Only they know what they are saying.

I don't like to be made a fuss about.

Living in Japan is very expensive.

She completely cleaned her plate.

He confessed his crime frankly.

I want you to get some rest.

Carsten moved out here from Boston.

I'm going to rest before I go out.

Can you tie a bow?

The maid made my bed.

True affluence is to not need anything.

Put the dough in the refrigerator overnight.


I work my ass off.

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Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do: once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in it, 'and what is the use of a book,' thought Alice 'without pictures or conversation?'

Luckily nobody got killed.

Christophe put milk in his coffee.


The work is getting done.

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I just can't forget it.

I think you might like to go to the concert tonight.

Kemal is apt to go to extremes.

I have visited America.

Miriamne wants to go from Europe to Australia.


Are you worried about Eileen?

I'm being blackmailed.

I wanted to flatter her.


There's a hotel here.

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Let's ditch him.

You don't want anything to do with us.

I don't believe Naomi. I think she's lying.

I went fishing with him.

Hello, my dear, I made two pictures and I want your opinion on them.

Eva doesn't need money to have a good time.

You need somebody like me to take care of your kids.

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It's dangerous out there.

I've been walking to work recently.

Who do you think will win the tournament?

Through difficulties to honors.

We will have a picknick provided that the weather is nice.

That's all right. I understand you. You speak very well.

We didn't have time to stop at the supermarket.

My opinion is completely different from yours.

You never gave us a chance.

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You've bought us some time.

Butler would never forgive himself if anything happened to Hwa.

This morning, my friends ate the fruits that my little sister had bought.

Just a little more patience.

He's a very important person.

I want to see you dance.

Avery followed.

He promised me to pay back the money.

As civilization advances, poetry almost necessarily declines.

I can't make you any promises.

He caught the chicken.

I surfed today for my first time ever.

Admitting what you say, I still think that you were wrong.

How did you find out that I like this fish?

Rex was happy that his daughter drew him a picture and he thought about it all day.

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My father's sister's husband is my uncle.


I took my shoes off.

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Do as you would be done by.

This is not a convincing argument.

The sound roused her from sleep.


A butterfly is a mature caterpillar.

I'm just going to run down to the bank.

Owen asked Brender if he could hold her hand.

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He lost his job.

I'm so bored.

You washed the dishes.


I've finished all except the last page.

If you're hungry, eat.

Old Mechael could use some fresh air.

Don't waste your money by buying things you don't need.

Slartibartfast won't come back as long as Vladimir's here.

The river water is not good.

I may be unsociable, but it doesn't mean I don't talk to people.

Each of these students has his or her own opinion.

I guess you were right.

What's in this box could be worth a fortune.

You must help your mother.

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Let's go meet her.

I respect Leslie a lot.

I'm afraid this story is too adult for children to appreciate.

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Are anal fissures curable?

I'm sorry, my boss is sleeping right now. Please come back tomorrow.

It's a pity most RPGs do not have any stoat characters.

If you don't know the meaning of the word, you have to look it up in the dictionary.

We're pretty proud of that.

You may go where you please.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

It's like I always say: you don't discuss taste.

I'm going to go to the men's room.

I heard Loukas crying in her room, so I went to check on her to see if she was OK.

Hubert bought a car.

I have a list of things I need to do.

We've been together long enough.


That is a Japanese doll.

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Mars has some of the tallest volcanoes and some of the deepest valleys in our solar system.


I want you to stop following me.

The time will come when she will regret what she has said.

Darren could sense something.

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Which do you like, Coca Cola or Pepsi?

We don't get many visitors here.

I strangled one.


I've always wanted to do it.

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The smoke went upward through the chimney.


There is no public transportation around here.

Pablo quickly got dressed.

Kristen pointed out some problems.

Alejandro never lets anyone do anything.

They met in high school.