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It's probably a mistake.

I'm ruthless.

I'm looking for my glasses.

Sangho has gone into hiding.

Tell you what, I'll come to you, that'll be easier.

Remember, remember, the Fifth of November.

Vilhelm seemed at ease.

He did not need man's testimony about man, for he knew what was in a man.

She advised him not to smoke.

"How do you know I'm not from here?" "It's obvious." "Really?"

I am well acquainted with him.

His voice sounds better than yours.

Why do you want to buy this book?

I know Patricia is a bank manager.

Who am I going to lean on when the times get rough?


I love the mountains.

It isn't what you're thinking.

The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?


Why do you know that?

I hoped to have finished it yesterday.

Stacy sat down and crossed his legs.

We tried to determine his location, but it seems that he's not in the city.

Both your father and I understand the consequences of your decision.

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She has a roll.

This may sound crazy, but I think I want to go back and do it again.

I didn't find any feeling in his speech.

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The sun had already risen when I woke up.


I found a land planarian in the garden.

Dan seemed nervous.

Without the key, she could not have entered the room.

Has my roommate been decided?

Also, a lot of houses were damaged; windows were often broken throughout the town.

I'd be willing to help.

Paula drinks black coffee without sugar.

I did it myself.

I'll miss them, too.

I promise it won't take long.

I teach Chinese.


I follow the destiny that is imposed on me.

Have you already settled the bill?

Due to the fog, traffic is temporarily suspended.

No other contestant has obtained such a remarkable achievement.

We had an understanding.

Why did Robert lie about his age?

Did you go to the stadium?

I know who you're supposed to meet.

Allow us to describe our products and our business operations.

There are a lot of tall buildings in Boston.

The doctor told me that I should eat less.

That doesn't do us any good, does it?

The concert was held over till the following week because of the singer's illness.

He has some income in addition to his salary.

I've locked the door.

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Ramiro made a bunch of money.

I didn't know anything about his plan.

When did you seed the lawn?


Morris reached for the door.

Do you want me to go now?

They had plenty of money for the tour.

The whole nation wants peace.

I have no money in my pocket.

We should work in a manner that is compliant with the company's rules and regulations.

We were really surprised.


Bald people leaving for San-Francisco can't put any flowers into their hair.


Hm! You're right!


Come on, let's do it.

The rock feels wet.

Irving turned out to be right.

I want to help her.

Eating good isn't synonymous for eating a lot.

You've really thought of everything.

I have visited more than nine countries so far.

Your philosophy of life is different than mine.

I'll get in.

What can you afford?

Regardless of the amount, Brian wants the correct, entire amount by next week.

Why don't you try to get some rest?

My friend studies in the aircraft engineering.

I forgot to pay for the drinks.

Ravi and Wendy are playing beach volleyball.

Is there somebody sitting in this seat here?

Sedovic says that he's happy.

Well, if you put it that way, sure.

Leave the past behind and go on.

That cloth is very rough.

This can hold about 4 gallons.

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The defender talked about his impressions after the match.

Make sure that the dog does not escape.

Have you decided yet?

It is essential to prevent salmonella contamination in hen egg production.

I know Ernest was there.

Ostriches are incapable of flight.

At the end of the sleep the dormant awakes.

They keep their jewelry in the safe.

I take it you asked for permission before you did it.

What's essential in education is not the doctrine that is taught, it's the awakening.

Since I've never eaten here before, I don't know what to recommend.

All Jason needed was a little more time.

Who's responsible for this?

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You're stupid!

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You can't force Knapper to stay.


I'm tired. I've got to go now.

I'm feeling the baby move.

She devoted her life to helping the handicapped.

I've only had two or three drinks.

I caught an awful cold.

To love someone is so wonderful.

The traveler arrived in New York in the evening.


He could not get out of the bad habit.

That's an old hat.

I lost my key around here.

I think the sentence would sound more natural like that.

Typhoon Megi makes landfall in the Philippines.

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Tell me why you didn't ask us.

No one will survive.

She was advised by him not to go there by herself.

I'll leave immediately.

Tomorrow I have my German oral exam which I'm not too bothered about. On Thursday however, I have my maths exam on ring theory which I'm dreading.

There is something great and terrible about suicide.

I want to buy a gift for Sean.

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This island is six times bigger than Manhattan.

She was kind enough to show me around the town.

Do you know anything about your family?

Page certainly isn't as bad as Roman claims he is.

At last, Ken gained his end.

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They're building a house.

Who else knew about him?

The future looks bleak for Edmond Dantes after he became the victim of a conspiracy, and he was convicted for treason and imprisoned for life.

Where is English spoken?

Rudolf's never won anything in his life.


The family property was distributed among the relatives.

Dan had a college degree and was good at translation.

He negotiated a free trade agreement with Canada.


There are many kinds of insurance such as: health insurance, fire insurance, life insurance, etc.

"Here I come! ...Your Majesty, Duke Onkled is under attack by the evil forces of Ganon." "..." "Impa?! You're a slut!" "You smell like shit!" "Enough! Where's His Majesty?" "Ganon captured the King!" "Ganon is a prick..."

I've only seen him once.

Naren had his T-shirt on backwards.

I advised her to come by 9:00.


I feel awful.

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What I wanted was water.

The man is not concerned in this project.

Dawn tried to do it.

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In reply, Lisa asked me to calculate 100 factorial in my head.

The Stone Age ruins were discovered.

He looked into the sky and at the stars.

Those children are potential customers.

"Hi, is this you?" "Yes, this is me."

I was ill yesterday but I am feeling fine today!

You ruined it.

One day he helped a weak turtle.

Tait took the bottle of Scotch from his briefcase and handed it to Cris.


He has spent most of his time as a career diplomat.

A long queue had formed in front of the shop.

The admission is ten dollars a person.

I love spending time with him.

Everybody says I look like my father.

Naim didn't want to go to the hospital.

He stood up to go inside.

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I have a feeling today is going to be interesting.

The tide rises approximately every six hours.

Cheer up! Things are not as bad as you think.

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Who did you and Lenny work for?

Nowadays young men are apt to make light of learning.

My dog is an Alaskan malamute, not a husky.

Let's hope this time common sense prevails.

Do you three ever go to Boston together?

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He is a born artist.

I am invited to this party.

The yacht race will take place tomorrow, weather permitting.


This is an unexpected pleasure.