Please go on.

Put your seat belt on.

He coated the wall with paint.


I got cold last night.

Youtube is a scam site

We've known each other for ages.

As the demand increases, prices go up.

I saw Old and No in the park.


I built this doghouse by myself.

Did you get permission to park here?

The community scheme has run up against local opposition.

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We couldn't use the faucet because it was out of order.

Jin is in a bad mood now.

You liked that movie, didn't you?

I couldn't eat fish when I was a child.

Kerri was hurt in a traffic accident.

This is going to be messy.

I was starving.

Kari says you still won't speak to him.

Ted wanted to vote for the communists.

Are you coming to my house next Sunday?

They began to walk again after a while.


He scalded his tongue with the hot tea.

The hotel room was a mess after the drunk tourists stayed there.

I think Joanne was lying to us.


This letter was written in great haste and contains many errors.

In the meantime, the majority of the Germans demand that Wulff resign.

You're doing us a great service.

While we hate force, we recognize the need for law and order.

This job doesn't pay.


We therefore introduce a small portable cabin that can be divided in half and can be carried anywhere.

Pierce jumped out of the car and started to run.

Keep the change.

We have different opinions.

I don't try to please everyone.

Carry this in your purse.

I will have to work on Sunday.

Can Adrian really be as rich as people think he is?

He fixed his eyes on me.

You obviously love Lex and he obviously loves you.

Saumya isn't at all happy about that.


She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Even though I was tired, I went to the party.

I need you to do something for me.

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It doesn't matter why.

It's still a big risk.

"Who knows the way to the airport?" "I do."

I feel funny today.

Pressure acts perpendicular to the solid surface of an object.

Where is the bird's area?

Marie enjoys traveling.

He made up that story.

Norma is aiming at a bird.

Tanya confessed his love to me yesterday and we have started dating.

Threats of retaliation are blocking negotiations.

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Janice doesn't have much time to waste.

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Jose is sprawled out on the couch.

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The document passed into the enemy's hands.

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Don is upbeat.

We really need more American slang on Tatoeba, pronto!

I forgot about it again.


What's Lindsey supposed to do?

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The money was stolen from his briefcase.

You won't tell them, will you?

That all happened in just three days.

I will fly to Germany.

Alceste's family is eating with proper manners.

It cannot have rained during the night.

Would you mind waiting another ten minutes?


We spoke last night.

Vincenzo asked me not to say anything.

We didn't bring it back.


Take me to your place.


We'll pay for it.

The laborers are murmuring against their working conditions.

The kitten is taking a nap.


What did Brainless and Unhappy do?


I spend a lot of time listening to music.

He said that Vling, the sophisticated prototype language, is a vast improvement over Chinese.

I've been to the station to meet a friend.

The boy faintly resembled his father in appearance.

"When did you return?" "I came back the day before yesterday."

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I'm sorry you're sick.

The hard work begins now.

Hume skipped dinner saying he was too tired to eat.

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We're all on the same side.

How is your friend?

This is for you!

Suyog looks dreadful.

Was Louis's suggestion a good one?

After all day in the sun, Gilles had a sunburned nose.

I'll take you there.


I need sugar.


It was obviously some kind of mistake.

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Mr Briggs is not a doctor, he is a vet.

They survived, even though the building was destroyed.

How long did it take you to translate this book?

I cannot make out what she is driving at.

Christopher Columbus once landed on the moon, but mistook it for Antarctica.

We are shearing the sheep.

I'm a cheerful and nice guy.

What colour is this house mouse?

Sometimes she tried talking to him about India.


Elric has been avoiding Floyd all week.


What'll you give her?

They're talking about sports.

A spring rain revived the flower.

We should not use foreign workers as a buffer against Japan's economic slowdown.

There are no shops near my house.

Like me, he's also not tall.

Put this on.

There is much water in the pond today.

Jordan seems distraught.

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Technological innovation is essential for reducing the cost of current mitigation technologies, leading to the invention and dissemination of new zero and low-carbon technologies and enhancing the capacity of countries to reduce their emissions.

The coach gave him some good advice.

They play in the afternoon.


We finally got rid of our old car.


She took her lute and, without saying anything to anyone, she went forth into the wide world.

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Darcy said nothing at all.

Can you come here a minute, please?

For my part, I have nothing to say against the new proposal.

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Reid went far away.

Kusum bit off her nails.

You can't keep me here.

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She spent over half an hour plucking her eyebrows!

Napoleon needed money for a war with Britain.

Try not to spend more money than is necessary.


Oh, I don't know if I agree with you.

Can I get a refund?

Since he was feeling sick, he stayed home from school.

Did you arrest them?

I don't want to call the police.

I'd like to go to my room.

The reckless men froze to death during their expedition to the Antarctic.

I drank too much wine, and became dizzy.

He is absorbed in his manga magazine.


I am an American citizen.


How much did you sleep?

The moon does not shine as brightly as the sun.

I'm applying for a job.

Vladimir married a rich widow.

She is learning very quickly.


Please tell Kylo I can't come to his party.

I heard that one way to stay healthy is to avoid eating any food with unpronounceable ingredients.

I would like to learn how to dance.

Bob's father works in a car factory.

Claudio takes the bus to the city.

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Where did you curse them?

What an expensive piano!

She regrets having never been there.

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Must I answer in English?

These shoes are so tight that I can't put them on.

I saw him in the street just this minute.


I completely forgot about you.

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Giles saw Conrad picking things up off the floor.


The administration makes important decisions.

He's a little on edge today. I wouldn't rattle his cage if I were you.

She has red hair, so they gave her the nickname "Carrot-Top".