Director's Message

  On behalf of the staff and administration at Piedmont Geriatric Hospital (PGH), I am pleased to welcome you to our website. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. This website has been designed to provide detailed information about our hospital and the 817-698-8298

Our 123 bed facility has remained focused over the years on improving our patient’s health and quality of life as well as to caring for our staff in exceptional ways. This commitment means that we strive to bring up-to-date advances in geriatric psychiatry along with well-trained staff and patient-centered physicians.

PGH is located in rural Nottoway County in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Nottoway County is located in the south-central portion of Virginia. The county contains the towns of Burkeville, Crewe, and Blackstone. The estimated population in 2016 was 15,595. A temperate climate, Nottoway County has an annual average temperature of 57 degrees. It is situated south of the James River, thus making it a part of the Southside Virginia Region. It is within a reasonable distance to shopping and entertainment.

Though the bricks and mortar and technical equipment are essential resources for our organization, the heart and soul of PGH is its people. It is our, nurses, clinical and administrative staff, facility maintenance, food services, housekeeping, pharmacy, rehabilitation, allied health, and other care givers who every day blend compassion with skill and expertise to make a real difference in the lives of our patients.

I am confident in the quality of services we provide at PGH. I welcome you to Piedmont Geriatric Hospital, whether a patient, visitor, or potential team member.


Hilton L. McDaniel, MPA, LNHA



NOTICE 12/13/18: VCBR Parking Lot and 360 Closure

VCBR Parking Lot and 360 Closing Map

The 360 entrance will be closed to traffic Monday, December 17th, 2018, and will remain closed to traffic for several years until the expansion project has been completed. All VCBR traffic must use the 460 entrance.

VCBR’s original parking lot will be closed on Monday December 17th, 2018. Please be advised the new Crepe Myrtle Drive entrance is a divided road so be sure you are traveling the right way. There is a pull off for deliveries that use the front entry.

The 360 entrance will be closed to traffic. It will function as a construction entrance only. All staff and visitors for VCBR will need to come in the 460 entrance. As you come through campus, you will pass building 29 on your right and make a right turn onto the new Crepe Myrtle road to enter the parking lot.

The vistor entrance and employee entrances will continue to be accessible.

For detailed information and a map showing designated spaces, please open the attached PDF - VCBR Parking Lot Opening and 360 Closure Details

Please be advised that the turn from Route 360 onto campus will be closed to traffic. At this time, please use the alternative entrance from Route 460. There will be signs directing traffic from the 460 entrance for those who are not familiar with it. We strongly recommend not using Lewiston Plank Road (723) between Route 360 and 460. This intersection has a high number of accidents and we want staff, visitors, and family members to be safe.

    Alternative routes recommended are as follows:
  • From Richmond via Route 360: Make a left onto Route 49; Turn right onto Route 460; Turn Right onto campus.
  • From Route 460 heading east: Continue on Route 460 past Route 360 towards Crewe; Turn left onto campus.

We recognize that this is a disruption, but the target is parking lot completion within 80 days. Thank you for your patience.


  Our mission is to provide recovery based Mental Health Services to enable the elderly to thrive in the community.


  Piedmont will be recognized as a leader in the treatment of the mentally ill elderly, as a model facility, a teaching center, and a resource for other facilities. It will be seen as an indispensable component of the state system of community-based services, and as the most efficient provider of geropsychiatric services.

Leadership Philosophy

  All residents, employees and visitors deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy.



PGH Leadership Team

  • Hilton McDaniel, MPA, LNHA  -  Director
  • Brandie French, LNHA  -  Assistant Director
  • Steve Bowen  -  Facilities Manager
  • Ramesh Chaudry, MD  -  Campus Medical Director
  • Brinda Fowlkes, LCSW  -  Social Work Director
  • Scott Logue  -  Campus IT Director
  • Michelle Wingo  -  Campus HR Director
  • Mary Mock, RN  -  Compliance Director
  • Emma L. Lowry Psy.D.  -  Clinical Director
  • Regina Johnson, RN  -  Active Chief Nursing Executive
  • Lindsey Slaughter, Psy. D.  -  Psychology Director
  • Cindy Arthur  -  Campus Fiscal Director
  • Andrea Moran  -  Psychosocial Rehabilitation Director


  Our mission is to provide recovery based Mental Health Services to enable the elderly to thrive in the community.

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Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval

PGH was awarded the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval.

Created in 1951, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations is a US based non-profit organization with a mission to maintain and elevate the standards of healthcare delivery through evaluation and accreditation of healthcare organizations.

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