I love you better than he.

Vidhyanath has some emotional problems.

I don't care a fig about it!

It may seem obvious, but sentences you write yourself look the most natural.

What time does your father leave for his office?

If it were not for water and salt, we could not live.

You were just doing your duty.

31 percent of Germany's electricity comes from renewable energy sources.


Dori donated a lot of money to us.

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I'm studying Toki Pona.

I was asked for my passport at the border.

The English sovereign is generally said to reign but not rule.

I can't thank you enough.

I can't stand him suffering so much.


There is no need to take his advice if you don't want to.

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We have to find more chairs.

Don't even think about it.

I'm sorry, I don't know what to say.

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We hung out in the coffee shop.

She missed the train.

He is a student at a high school.

Let's stop wasting time.

A new broom sweeps clean.

What's your favorite saying?

Is that what I think it is?

Suzan can't get out of his sleeping bag. The zipper is stuck.

His plan seemed to be too difficult, but before long it proved to be feasible.

He has never hunted.

He laughed in my face.

Do you know how old I am?

It has been raining since yesterday.

I no longer wish to be a part of this project.

I didn't know you believed in ghosts.

Jesus no longer works here.

Do you know Mr. Brown?


I may as well throw the money away as give it to him.


When must I go on board?


It's no use crying over spilt milk.

I'll keep watch.

From the top of the hill you can see the sea.

She made a scene about it.

I'll certainly talk to them.

Argleton is a town in West Lancashire, England which exists only on Google maps.

She took a pregnancy test.

I shouldn't have gotten up so early.

Sweden is called "Sverige" in Swedish.

I trust Richard; he is a man of his word.

Jason caught the ball with one hand.


Phil often plays tennis after school.

I have got one brother and two sisters.

I knew I'd seen Fred somewhere before.


Larry Ewing is drunk.

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Are you sure you can afford this?

I live by my own rules.

Plastic left the water running all night.

I met a friend whom I had not seen for three years.

You must hand in your homework by Thursday without fail.


Jack might have borrowed the money he needed from someone else.

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He is better off now than he was three years ago.


I phoned my son before boarding the plane, telling him to come to the airport to pick me up.

We're just wasting time.

Real went insane.


What language do they speak in Egypt?

Beth certainly knows how to pick stocks.

I'd like to question Wolfgang.

Fritz is now on his own.

She is paralyzed in both legs.

We're being childish.

Manavendra resisted the impulse to kiss Major.


Can I drive it?

I'm the one who has to clean up this mess.

Rik is kind of angry right now.

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I'm going to take the ticket.

Jesus is jealous and she gets mad when other girls talk to her boyfriend.

Terrence tried to gain the attention of one of the waiters.

I've grounded Adrian for three days.

Matthieu is a typical Canadian.

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She is fighting for the liberation of the oppressed natives.

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I was about to leave when the doorbell rang.

I assumed because we're brothers that I could trust you.

Maybe I'll buy a bike.

I will check your game tomorrow.

Soon after that, I began to fall asleep.


I just hope I can survive this.

I'll be back in three weeks.

Winston is serving a life sentence in prison.

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I think it will be sunny.


Is there any chance that he will come?

Several gardeners look after the azaleas in the park.

That decision will have far-reaching and serious consequences.


I have no less than four brothers.

What he says is not correct.

There was a parade to mark the occasion.

We don't know how to find him.

I couldn't be gladder!


Doctor Burns, what should doctors do when a patient's brain is badly damaged?

Life is short, but it's long enough.

I'll go no matter what.

I think you sleep well.

I'll tell Tobias tomorrow.

Apparently you're right.

These bodies have actually played indispensable roles in attaining these goals.

It's really not safe for you here, isn't it?

I'm gullible.

Jane has a Japanese friend who speaks English well.

Petr got the job done.

However, that didn't happen.

The eight o'clock bus was early today.

We both laughed.

She has hope.


Sedat could hardly speak French at all when I first met him.

I think Jussi has been here already.

Look for my cat under the bed.

Just look at you, unable to do such a simple thing.

I know what it means.

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How's your sister?

Albert Einstein is considered one of the most brilliant minds of the twentieth century.

She rinsed the dishes.


They walked up the stairs.


I thought Sanche had left town.

Give a way.

I want to be able to speak Cantonese.

Guess what!

Reiner didn't think he'd ever get used to living in Boston.


I think I could convince Ray to put you on the list.

They want me to sell the restaurant.

I want to become both physically and mentally stronger.

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Someone spiked Glynn's drink.

I bought a new television.

I'm never going to race again.


She's not invited to parties.

Guido has rabbits.

I thought you were supposed to be at school now.

My daughter Stagger is my pride, and my son Ravi is my joy.

I made a couple calls.

Nobody considers Gerard a cheapskate.

Who was sent to save the princess?


Japan is an island country.

A possible side effect of the contraceptive pill is a loss of sex drive.

It goes without saying that he keeps his promise.

How do I get out of this mess?

Phiroze is drenched.


This bucket leaks.

My body does not look human.

Knute depended on Emmett to help him.

She's in Mallorca, sunbathing on the beach.

I'd like a money order for ten dollars.

I can't make you happy.

Will you mail this parcel for me?

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That was a passtime.


Joseph heard a noise behind him and turned around to see what it was.

I canceled it.

They waited a long time for their guest. Finally, an odd man arrived whom they had not expected in the least.

I await your decision.

I can't make out what he says.

Piotr didn't have a whole lot to say.

Let's listen to what Ranjit has to say.

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Please pull the rope.


She cheered him up because he was depressed.


I knew you'd understand what I meant.

Joyce and Winnie come from the same country.

That's all, thanks.