Why can't we do something?

Anyway, I did my best.

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I don't owe you an explanation.

Everyone noticed her.

This is the best camera in the store.


"We have to tell Spock about that now." "That's not an option."

Could you do me a huge favor?

Boyd was highly educated and spoke several languages fluently.

I was tired, so I didn't go.

Maria lives in a middle class neighborhood.

When does it begin?

I study French for three hours every day.


I will live in a room with four beds.

Were all the members present at the meeting?

I sent it by post.

How much does a soccer ball weigh?

He is a most important person.

This isn't a joking matter.

We're probably going to lose.

Svante crossed the border into France.

Both of my parents aren't alive.


He had an accident on his way home.

I used to read every book that came my way.

Do you have a light?


My car, such as it is, is at your disposal.

No one has seen us.

What is written in this signboard?

My ears were ringing from being beaten.

Which club do you want to join?

Parents must provide their children with proper food and clothing.

It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong.

I felt that they were wrong.

I should never have let you go there without me.

Although natto smells awful, it is delicious.

The pig grunts.

Do you know why Nigel isn't here today?

The stars are shining in the sky.

And do you know them by face?

She often comes late.


If I could have spoken French better, I might have gotten that job.

Nancy should never have eaten those oysters.

This is completely unacceptable.


I've got a ton of work to do.

I should've tried to help Miriamne.

He feels the cold very much.


The word "hybrid" is derived from the Latin "hybrida".


I'll see you tomorrow at the library.

"I wonder why ghosts only appear at night." "Really? I've seen them in the daytime." "Are you serious?"

I've finished writing the letter.

He took advantage of the occasion to visit the museum.

Holly will always be an outsider.

Juri is Superman's assistant.

My mother told me I needed to eat less candy.

Joyce is not afraid to speak his mind.

May I have this magazine?


I'm going to defeat you.


Venkata is three years older than Anatole.


They abandoned Saqib.

Does anybody have a match?

Jinchao said he was going to be here.

I can take you there.

Could you recommend a good book?


Cranes flying low indicate warm weather.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

If you speak Klingon, I won't understand.

You have to concentrate more.

Brender is wearing a pirate costume.

When the rock singer appeared on the stage, the audience at the concert clapped loudly.

I like him, but he's weird.

I wore a hat yesterday because it was very cold.

I think you're looking for something that isn't there.

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He appeared honest.

Whatever you do, do it wisely, and don't forget about the end.

Usually Art uses a fleshlight for self-satisfaction.

She tends to talk too much.

Our trip was unattended by adventures.


We know how Earl is.

Don't open the window.

Naresh has plans.

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It's important to get the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio right in a compost heap.

I never said anything to anybody.

Jong is very ambitious, isn't he?

The child is father of the man.

I like the silent church before the service begins, better than any preaching.

I haven't spoken to Rudolf.

She interpreted his remarks as a threat.

Have you sent him a Christmas card yet?

Carelessness often causes accidents.


Thank to a fundamental restructuring, our surplus has swelled threefold.


Brandy doesn't like dogs.


He extended the knowledge of biochemistry.

She accused me of being a liar.

Have you heard from Freddie?

If you hurry, you can grant your luggage and get into the plane.

Unlike her, you are diligent.

That would be wrong.

I have blue eyes.

Her harsh manner of speaking doesn't suit her pretty face.

He was a millionaire a long time ago.

I should like to go for a swim.

Betty White is very popular with Americans.

Tharen is shirtless.

Tiefenthal is easy to live with.

Gideon is opportunistic, isn't he?

You've been warned.

Mother bought us a puppy.

Now we have one less thing to worry about.

Thousands of people rushed to Nome.

The was in on the theft.


We're asking the questions.

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Ostriches can't fly.

A chain of events led to the outbreak of the war.

Can you fix a toilet?



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I knew then and there that I could never get along with Kiki.


The sun is starting to go down.

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I wish we could hear what Charley is saying.


That's not exactly what I meant.

The silence in the library was disturbed by the ringing of a cell phone.

Hold Spyros tight.

Your words make me happy.

Freedom is the breath of life.


She is not my mother but rather my oldest sister.

Ralph doesn't want to go to Boston with us.

It matters little to me who is elected.

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I cannot abide him.

That's your call.

We're ashamed.


We're scared.

Ostriches are incapable of flight.

Dan told Linda not to blame herself.

Can this gadget replace a human heart?

Jack is very severe with his children.

I finished the work.

Subtle differences in tone discriminate the original from the copy.

David helped out.

The winner hasn't yet been announced.

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I didn't get your name.

She is positive of passing the test.

I'm in pain.

Watch your step, as the passageway is slippery.

I don't need much else.

We bought it in Boston.

They mark down goods at that shop.

Francisco does look a lot like his father.

Who sings that song?

You should practice playing the piano regularly.

Diana is old enough to go to school.

My proposal was turned down in the conference.

It's my suitcase.

Jin put on his swimsuit.

Each one is responsible for his own actions.


Rees decided to make a deal with Mahesh.

How handsome you are!

Sedat was raised by his grandmother.

No smoking!

Please don't forget to put stamps on the letters that I gave you to mail.

I like both Susan and Betty, but I think Susan is the nicer of the two.

I can't bear the noise any longer.

We can't thank you enough.

You can trust them.

We agreed to elaborate an action plan.

The beauty of the sight is beyond description.

Your mother is worried sick about you.

We don't have any money.

We carried a map with us in case we got lost.

What floor does he live on?

Is it dirty?

How are you two getting along?